Future Anthem launches real-time AI sports product

5 September 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Future Anthem, the pioneering AI and data science powerhouse, launched its personalization product, Amplifier AI, for sports, extending its market-leading capabilities in gambling to the sports betting industry.
This new suite of sports features will deliver a step change in player engagement, creating unique and customized sports betting experiences that engage in real-time.
Anthem has invested heavily in its sports product following successful Series A funding, building a team with hires from leading sportsbook operators including William Hill Sportsbook & Racebook, Betfair, Betway, and WynnBET.
“With the official launch of Amplifier AI for sports, Future Anthem is setting a new standard of personalization for sports operators – and fast,” said Ian Tibot, Chief Product Officer.
“The variety of different behavioral styles creates a unique problem for sports operators. Providing a tailored solution for every player, while taking into account the speed and dynamism with which the sports betting experience changes has forced the industry to offer players a one-size-fits-all experience that is homogenous from operator to operator.
“With Amplifier AI, we’ve worked relentlessly to create a data and AI-powered product that personalizes every step of the player journey in real-time.”
Amplifier AI’s ability to personalize in real-time is enabled by its use of cutting-edge AI technologies that can process the unprecedented scale and speed of data in the sports betting industry. It is capable of sending millions of personalized data points to players with seamless data integration.
Operators utilizing Amplifier AI’s sports modules will be able to personalize the entire betting experience from homepage to bet slip. It generates live audiences for innovative and personalized marketing campaigns, uses AI to optimize promotions, and prevents churn and identifies risky behaviors in real-time.
Initial implementations have generated positive player impacts with Future Anthem. Results include predicting churn 99% quicker than traditional approaches, delivering a near 50% email open rate for 1-to-1 marketing communications and creating personalized audiences that increase app open rates by 200%.
Amplifier AI is set to transform the way operators approach the player experience, allowing them to drive highly measurable results-driven interactions in real-time, setting a new standard of personalization for the industry. To learn more about the new product, visit futureanthem.com.