Gala Flirts with Split Premises

20 June 2008

Gala Bingo awaits a decision from the Birmingham City Council's licensing committee, scheduled for Tuesday, on an application to open a new facility in Birmingham. The Birmingham Mail says Gala has applied for four different licenses in a single building, and that there is no mention of bingo in the application.

Representatives of the Counil's licensing service accuse Gala of trying to "circumvent the rules governing the maximum number of gaming machines," according to the Mail.

"The premises would appear to be one composite whole divided up into four different areas," according to a report cited by the Mail. "Facilities for the playing of bingo are not shown on the plans that form part of the application. Without such facilities the applicant could not be offering the principal activity for which they are applying and simply separating the premises artificially to enable them to offer the maximum number of machines, but without being able to comply with the terms of their license."

The Mail says Gala also is trying to split its clubs at Stockland Green, Rubery and Kingsbury Road, and Erdington, in order to boost their gambling machine numbers.