Gambling ad ban now live in the Netherlands

1 July 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- On 1 July, the ban on untargeted advertising for remote gambling came into force. The ban aims to better protect vulnerable groups, including young adults, from the risk of gambling addiction. Recruitment and advertising activities should not reach minors, young adults and other vulnerable groups.
This means that advertising on TV and radio and in newspapers and magazines will be prohibited from 1 July. Advertising in public places, such as billboards and shelters, and in buildings accessible to the public, such as gaming casinos, slot machine halls, cinemas and cafes, is also not permitted. Advertising via the internet, direct mailing, on-demand TV, social media or in the online game environment remains permitted under strict conditions.
The Gaming Authority (Ksa) supervises compliance with the new rules and has informed licensees in advance about the new regulations. Now that the ban is in force, the KSA is actively monitoring how the new advertising rules and obligations for licensees are applied in practice. Should this lead to a further interpretation or clarification of the rules, the sector will be informed in good time. The KSA warns licensees not to push the boundaries. When the KSA encounters obvious violations, it will immediately take enforcement action.