Gaming Innovation Group teams up with Jooba Tech

7 November 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Jooba Tech‘s Jackpot Management System is set to become accessible via the Gaming Innovation Group (GiG) platform.
Jooba Tech has formalized an agreement to become part of the GiG Marketplace, enabling the integration of its groundbreaking Jackpot Management System onto the GiG platform, benefiting both current and prospective GiG clients.
“Teaming up with one of the industry’s most renowned brands, known for its award-winning platform, is a major achievement for our company,” said Tom Finlayson, the Co-founder at Jooba Tech. “We’ve dedicated significant resources to developing our Jackpot Management System, crafting it into a top-tier service that empowers casinos to enhance their users’ experiences.”
In an era where brands are continually seeking innovative ways to stand out in the eyes of users, jackpots have emerged as a crucial element, introducing fresh and captivating mechanisms to involve more gamers. This recent development signifies that GiG platform users will have the capability to offer an array of jackpot variations in diverse configurations, customizing the jackpot practice for users to their liking.
“Offering jackpots on any products through our platform is crucial to supplying our clients’ businesses with customized expertise,” said Rebecca Attard, The BD Manager at GiG. “That is what Jooba Tech does, and our team is looking forward to the thrilling prospects this presents.
Jooba Tech’s Jackpot Management System empowers casinos to bring a jackpot across any game category on their website, encompassing the amalgamation of casino titles from various suppliers and the introduction of jackpots in the realm of sports wagering.”