Gamzix launches Pilot

30 September 2022
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Gamzix releases its first crash game, Pilot. This is the 30th game from the igaming development studio. To celebrate this small anniversary was released something as good as video-slot, but different.
There are 3 essential facts of the video slot:
  • 2.4 Mb weight. It's from 30% to almost 350% lighter than competitors have

  • Different skins. All skins will be under the same game ID, so there is no need to add a new game. Also, there is a plan to add new skins every month and there will be a lot of thematic skins for sport events, holidays etc.

  • Pilot is supported via web view (Telegram/Viber/WhatsApp and others)

“First Crash Game in Gamzix portfolio, and we can’t be more proud and excited about it,” said Alexandr Kosogov, CEO at Gamzix. “Because every time we do something different, every team-member sees his/her growth in real time. And this is preparing us for the new big jump.”
Enjoyable sounds with imitation of plane take off fulfill every round of the game. There is an ability to change skins for individual casinos, fair play and support for 22 localizations and for all types of currencies (FIAT+Crypto).