GECO Gaming goes to market with its own RGS

17 December 2014
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Recently merged global game developer GECO Gaming Group announced today that they are bringing their games to market through their own Remote Gaming Server.
The newly created, AGCC certified RGS is available now with an offering of in-house HTML5 and Flash games. GECO (Game Engine Co-Operative) is a deployment platform built by game developers for game developers! Among the game developers looking to distribute their content on the new platform are The Game Co, MX Digital, LLC, Games Warehouse, Game Weavers, SUNFOX Games, Betdigital Limited and Core Gaming Ltd.
CEO Mark Paling said, "Independent game developers create some of the most innovative games in the market. Their smaller size and specialist nature ensure new features, styles and game types are brought to the market, however we have all been restricted by routes and speed to market. GECO RGS has been created to address this issue by working together with other developers for the mutual benefit of us all."
COO Aaron Neill-Stevens added, "RGS systems are clearly the future of content delivery in our industry. We strongly believe that in five years time this will be the method by which all game developers will release games to both Platforms and Operators. We have invested time and money now to help open up these channels, and look forward to increasing this open nature as the GECO community grows."
GECO RGS can be connected directly to operators or to existing back-end platforms as the individual operators desire. It has been developed from scratch with a truly open framework that allows for easy expansion in engine builds, connectivity, operator specific requirements and jurisdictional changes. The RGS was created by the two original companies under one roof to ensure that the technical roadmap was able to flex to future demands and complies with the most stringent of industry standards.