GIC Introduces New Lottery

8 August 1999
GIC Global Intertainment Corporation, a redundantly reduntantly named gaming software developer based in the Commonwealth of Dominica, announced this week the official launch of its Millennium Lottery 2000 website.

Millennium Lottery 2000, also known as Y2K Lottery, is fully operational and currently accepting Visa and MasterCard using a secure on-line server.

GIC has obtained and installed a Verisign Digital Certificate, the leading provider of the Internet trust services and digital certificate solutions that facilitates a 128-bit encryption program within the lottery. This method of securing a site is currently used by financial institutions for online banking and other instances that require the ultimate in confidential transfers of information.

The company has also contracted Davidson & Company, an International accounting firm, to monitor the lottery procedures. Davidson & Company is among the top 10 auditing firms and has extensive experience in auditing Canadian and US public companies.

The debut version of Millennium Lottery 2000 has six different lottery games: a daily 1,000 cash draw; a weekly $10,000 cash draw; a monthly $100,000 cash draw; the Y2K $1 million cash draw; a draw for a Ferrari 328 GTS/GTB; and a draw for a Ferrari F 355Spider.

By mid August 1999, Millennium Lottery 2000 will be translated into Chinese, Japanese, German and Spanish. Marketing of the lottery site in Asia and Europe will begin in conjunction with the launch of the newly translated versions.

The company is planning frequent upgrades and enhancements to the site to create more playing opportunities and increased site traffic.

Ten percent of the lottery's revenue will be held "in trust," and disbursed to five international charities designated by the company as recipients and beneficiaries of its charitable trust foundations. The designated charities are UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund), American Cancer Society, International Red Cross (Disaster Relief-Children's Fund), Easter Seals Foundation (Children with Disabilities) and Asian Relief Fund. Players will choose which charities they want to fund during the registration process.

GIC President and CEO James Chu said that, in addition to aggressive marketing of the Millions Lottery 2000, the company will also seek to expand into other Internet related businesses. "E-Commerce will be one of our Company's main focuses in the future and many different projects for expansion purposes will be featured within this year," Chu said.

He also said that the company plans to apply for a NASDAQ listing in the near future.

The Millennium Lottery 2000 is located at