Hallmark Casino offering bonuses on Take Olympus

26 February 2021
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Hallmark Casino is taking a turn to Greece with ancient Greek deities for the latest game release, Take Olympus. This new game by Betsoft gaming invites players to join the Master of all Tides Poseidon, the God of Light Apollo, Lord of the Underworld Hades and the Goddess of Love Aphrodite to get a taste of the cherished immortality.
For this launch, Hallmark Casino is giving up to 1,100% deposit bonus and up to 150 bonus spins. With the powers of the Gods and magic symbols combined, the deities will help you to spin your way to a massive fortune.
Take Olympus is a five-reel, 50-payline video slot game with awesome visuals that cycles through the four Olympian Gods: Apollo, Aphrodite, Poseidon and Hades. Each of the Gods' powers, giving special boosts and events that come with them.
On the Cycle of Gods, every 10 spins, the cycle runs and restarts with a new God reigning over the reels. During the cycle of each God their powers will show up, ending up the cycle with a hefty event that affects the gameplay with multipliers. These powers will show up and be marked with their special symbols on the reels. On Apollo’s and Aphrodite’s cycle they will keep marked the symbols throughout all 10 spins cycles. While on Poseidon’s cycle his special symbols will contribute to a counter increase by one, the special symbols on Hades’ cycle will increase the multiplier.
The Gods are chosen randomly, and won’t appear more than one time in a row. Also, Zeus the father of all gods, can replace for any other symbol on the reels awarding you with 10 spins, if he appears stacked on the reels with all the other gods.
Finally, Zeus can take on the powers of the other Gods. Delivering wilds, mysteries, abundance and the Chaos of Zeus that triggers large multipliers and a random number of extra free spins. This is a true chance to go to the top of Mount Olympus and celebrate the heights of winning.