Hong Kong Faces Prohibition Bil

6 December 2000
One of the hottest markets Net betting operators are targeting is in Asia, where a growing Internet gambling audience exists. Thanks to new legislation being considered by the Hong Kong Legislative Council, betting on an Internet site could result in stiff fines and even imprisonment.

The proposed amendments to the Hong Kong Gambling Ordinance would make both bookmaking and betting with a bookmaker a criminal offense, even when such activity occurs through an offshore site. Plus, promoting or facilitating the activities would also be against the law. The legislators have even added an amendment to make it illegal for broadcasting tips and odds for unauthorized racing events, including horse and dog-racing, within 12 hours before the events start.

The Gambling (Amendment) Bill would impose fines of up to HK$5 million and seven years of prison time for anyone found to facilitate bookmaking activities. In addition, anyone placing a bet would be committing an offence, as well as the bookmaker who accepted the bet. Even more chilling, Internet service providers (ISPs) would be held responsible under for "facilitating" a bet.

Click the links below to view the Amendment Bill:
Gambling Amendment Bill
Explanatory Memorandum