Illinois Democrat Talks up Online Lottery

16 February 2009
John Cullerton, the Illinois State senator, wants to see the state lottery sell tickets online and managed by a private company.

The Chicago Democrat, who is the Senate president, told the Associated Press that online sales could bring in new customers and help fix the gaping hole in the state's budget.

Mr. Cullerton said he would like to sell tickets for Lotto, the state's major jackpot game, as it could increase sales as much as $300 million a year.

"Buy it online, the jackpot goes up dramatically," Mr. Cullerton told the A.P. "Then you have the effect of more and more people buying."

On the other hand, lottery experts doubt Mr. Cullerton's plan, saying it would do little to boost sales and because lottery tickets are already easily accessible and it could raise legal questions, the A.P. reports.

Due to the national holiday, IGamingNews was unable to reach anyone at the Illinois Senate today.

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