Illinois Web Gaming Bill Cruises through House

30 April 1999
The Illinois State House of Representatives overwhelmingly passed a Senate bill yesterday that prohibits Internet gaming in that state. It's now bound for the Governor's office for final approval.

Among 25 Internet related measures channeling through Illinois legislature, Senate Bill 0004, which passed in the Senate by a 55-0 vote on February 26, experienced the same success in the House when it was blessed with 115 ayes to zero nays. Only a veto from Governor George Ryan can stand in the bill's way, and that would be only a temporary setback. A spokesperson from the Governor's office said there was no indication yet on the likelihood of the Governor signing the bill.

The bill, introduced by Senator Dick Klemm of Crystal Lake, extends to the internet anti-gaming laws on the books in that state. One notable point of interest is Section 28-1 (a)(5), which basically states that anyone with a computer and an Internet connection is breaking the law.

IGN has obtained all available versions of SB 0004:

SB0004 Introduced

SB0004 Engrossed

Senate Amendment 001

IGN mistakenly reported April 29 that it was House Bill 0793 that passed. We apologize for any confusion this may have caused.