iMEGA member identified in Kentucky motion

26 March 2010
The Interactive Media Entertainment & Gaming Association (iMEGA) filed a motion Monday with the Kentucky Court of Appeals identifying the owner of as an iMEGA member and an affected party in Kentucky's seizure of 141 online gambling domain names.

The motion comes four days after the Kentucky Supreme Court ruled that iMEGA and the Interactive Gaming Council (IGC) had no standing to defend the owners of the affected domains case because neither party informed the court of their memberships.

The Supreme Court requested that both parties file affidavits to prove that members were affected by the seizures of the domain names.

iMEGA filed two affidavits with the Court of Appeals. The first affidavit identified Yatahay Limited as the owner of the domain name. The second affidavit confirmed's membership in iMEGA.

Yatahay Limited is the first defendant to identify itself as an iMEGA member.

"The owners of the '' domain have taken a big step on the behalf of the industry and players," said iMEGA Chairman Joe Brennan Jr. in a statement. "We've overcome the technicalities that gave the Commonwealth their short-lived victory. The Court can now make a decision based on Kentucky law."

"The Commonwealth's attorneys knew they were lucky to get this one into overtime," Brennan added. "It's time to put them away."

Attorneys for iMEGA also requested that the case be moved back to the Supreme Court immediately. On Friday, the Court of Appeals approved iMEGA's request.

"Reading the Supreme Court's decision, it was clear they wanted this suit back as soon as possible, and we're happy we were able to comply," said Brennan. "We're confident the Court will make a ruling soon, and that we'll finally wrap this up."