Income Access CEO Nicky Senyard to speak at IGE

20 January 2010
MONTREAL, Quebec -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Income Access CEO, Nicky Senyard will be taking part in the Innovation Showcase at the International Gaming Expo (IGE), where she will be delivering a presentation on how iGaming operators can leverage social media as part of their marketing and recruitment strategy.

Ms. Senyard will be delivering her presentation on Wednesday January 27, at 10:20 a.m. , where she will explore how different forms of social media can help operators build relationships with affiliates, and help affiliates build relationships with players. She will also touch on how social media can help enhance transparency, increase brand awareness and develop personalities.

"Building strong relationships with partners and affiliates is an integral part of your business success, and social media has become an ideal vehicle to allow online gaming businesses to do so," said Income Access CEO, Nicky Senyard. "I'll be exploring different social media avenues, and getting down to basics: how to open up a dialogue, create a conversation and develop your personality."

The presentation will go over various kinds of social media, including blogs, forums, videos, Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and picture sharing. While exploring the advantages and disadvantages of each venue, Ms. Senyard will also be demystifying social media so that anybody can use it, leverage it and build their business.

"There are still many businesses in the iGaming industry that just don't know where to get started when it comes to social media," said Ms. Senyard. "One of the main messages that I want to get out there is that social media doesn't have to be complicated. My goal is to present social media as a recruitment tool, a communication tool—and most importantly, as a means to develop relationships."

Income Access also has a booth at IGE. Attending this year's conference will be CEO Nicky Senyard, Director of Affiliate Marketing Sara Wolde Gabriel, Director of Client Relations (Software Licensees) Kristyn Gaffney and Affiliate Manager Erica Anderson. Demonstrations will be available at the booth and each of the team members attending will be on hand to answer questions about the Income Access software solution and the six customized business solutions that are available to iGaming operators.

The International Gaming Expo will be held from January 26-28, 2010 at Earl's Court in London, England. The Income Access team will be at booth #5270.

The Innovation Showcase is free for all IGE attendees.