Income Access CEO to appear at iGaming France

18 March 2011
MONTREAL, Quebec -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Income Access CEO, Nicky Senyard will be participating in a panel discussion at iGaming France on March 26. The topic will focus on the changing face of the affiliate business in France, strategies behind building an iGaming business through online affiliates and offline marketing and the changing role of affiliates in the French regulated market.

The iGaming France conference is a B2B affiliate event that will provide insights and networking opportunities on the French market, and is aimed at affiliates, operators and service providers who are active with, or looking to get involved in, this recently regulated European market.

“As we turn our focus towards France’s new regulated market, the timing and relevancy of this conference is very fitting,” said Nicky Senyard. “This is an opportunity for operators and affiliates to get the information they need to leverage this opening and secure their brand presence in a lucrative market.”

The event is being held on Friday March 25 and Saturday March 26. The first day of the event will feature major industry figures talking about key industry issues. The second day will 100% focused on affiliates, for whom admittance to the event is free.

“This is the first time a get-together of this size, with this many key people is taking place, so it will be an important stepping stone towards getting varying perspectives and opinions on the table,” said Senyard. “In terms of exciting events to attend this year, iGaming France is sure to make the list.”

Nicky Senyard will be part of the panel discussion taking place on March 26, between 2:15 and 3:00 p.m. The panel discussion is called “Online-Offline Affiliates, ROI on Advertising and the Changing Face of the Affiliate Business in France” and she will be joined by The Nation Traffic/Titan Partners CEO, Beni Issembert and Everest Gaming Director of Affiliate Marketing, Itsik Akiva.