Income Access releases statistics and analysis for iGaming Q4

7 February 2014
MONTREAL, Quebec -- (PRESS RELEASE) -- Based on industry data reflecting a sample of iGaming operators for the Q4 period ending December 31st, Income Access, the Montreal-based marketing acquisition tracking and reporting software firm, is able to confirm that prolonged affiliate activation timeframes did not keep newly acquired players from converting at healthy rates.
Overall affiliate activation times, which are based on how long it takes to acquire a first click, registration or depositing account, were noticeably high. It took affiliates an average of 66 days to acquire a first click, while registrations and first-time deposits, both of which are traditionally more difficult for affiliates to obtain early on, required 136 and 217 days respectively. This indicates that many affiliates need to wait until their third quarter of promoting with a brand to obtain a registration or depositing account. Experience reinforces quarter over quarter that operators who integrate strategic CRM schemes tend to see the activation time of players towards registration and deposit activity to be noticeably lower than those who do not.
Based on its engagement with iGaming operators and affiliates, Income Access is able to deduce that the longer activation timeframes are tied to the seasonal holiday period and a focus on completing outstanding projects. This shift in priority results in operators and affiliates placing less focus on new acquisitions and engagement during the latter stages of Q4.
The activation timeframes are further influenced by how aggressively affiliates pursue traffic-driving immediately after signing up to promote a new programme. The disposable income of prospective players, which can be diminished during the holiday season due to big purchases and vacations, can also lead to less traffic.
Although prospective players may have held back on registering in Q4, those who did open accounts engaged with brands. Observing click-to-registration and registration-to-deposit ratios, Income Access found that over 31% of Q4 registrations converted into depositing players. This was highlighted by a 32.56% conversion rate in the month of November. The click-to-registration ratio finished at a modest 2.27% for the quarter, reaching a high of 2.77% in November.
These figures - particularly the peaks in November - indicate that instead of just browsing, players were more focused on identifying a preferred operator with which to wager. Income Access links the higher conversions to an increase in special holiday promotions extended by operators looking to compensate for the seasonal drop-off in traffic. Inversely, the lower than expected click-to-registration ratio may infer that banners and landing pages were effective in grabbing prospective player attention via holiday promotions but lacked persuasive calls-to-action.
As a supplier of renowned iGaming affiliate software, Income Access partners with iGaming brands of all sizes, gaining exposure and insight across all verticals including mobile and social. Through a large and diverse client base, the company has been able to observe and apply industry best practices over 12 years, offering insight that is unique to the market.