Interactive Gambling: 1999 and Beyond

30 December 1999
The IGN Nambling Notes is taking the final week of the millennium off to make way for this special yearend round-up. Following is a timeline of events in 1999 that had an impact on the online gambling industry as well as a brief glance at what to expect in 2000.

Before venturing into the abyss-load of big news in '99 and some of our expectations for 2000, we thought we'd get you up to speed with what kind of year it's been for IGN. It was a year of firsts for the River City Group (publisher of IGN). In June, we held our first event, the Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo, in Vancouver. To our delight, it was a huge success and the feedback was tremendous. Then in September, we published the first versions of our two industry studies, "Wagering on the Internet" and the "Punter Preference Study." The company has branched into new, exciting directions having expanded to accommodate a number of services, including consultation, website brokerage, advertising and marketing. In doing so, we nearly doubled our staff. On January 1, 2000, we'll celebrate our first year in existence.

As for Interactive Gaming News, subscribers can look forward to a few new features, such as an index of material relating to U.S. gaming law, updated company profiles, new search features and much more investment-related content. The new year will also see more Desktop Conferences, an increase in feature stories, Q & A articles, and the new contributing writers.

In short, we expect nothing less than another huge year for IGN as well as the industry as a whole.

Following is the IGN year-end roundup:

A Look Back at 1999
A Glance at 2000

Mark Balestra

Mark Balestra is the Managing Director at BolaVerde Media Group. He previously worked at Clarion Gaming and the River City Group where he was the publisher of iGamingNews. He lives in St. Louis, Missouri.