Ksa fines Red Ridge Marketing €675,000

24 March 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Dutch Gaming Authority fined Red Ridge Marketing €675,000 for advertising illegal online gambling. The company has already been imposed an order subject to periodic penalty payments to ensure that they would stop advertising activities for games of chance without a license. Red Ridge has not ceased operations. A fine has now been imposed.

Various Red Ridge websites contain careless and misleading statements about online casinos without a Dutch license. For example, unlimited playing and betting is promoted, there are negative statements about Cruks or talk about the 'advantages' of illegal online casinos for young people. It also incorrectly states that illegal online casinos are safe to play because they (supposedly) have a license from foreign regulators.

Red Ridge has not yet responded to the cease-and-desist order or to the fine imposed.

“Promoters of illegal games of chance providers also receive our attention,” said René Jansen, chairman of the Ksa. “They must also comply with the law, especially when it comes to protecting young adults. We will do everything we can to stop these practices.”

As of 1 April 2021, the Gaming Authority has new instruments to tackle illegal supply and the companies that promote that supply, such as imposing a binding instruction. If illegal activities continue, the Gaming Authority can instruct internet service providers to take the necessary measures, such as making the website inaccessible. The Ksa will not hesitate to use this tool to stop the ongoing violation.