Lithuanian gaming market grows in Q1 2023

18 May 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Total gaming revenue of the Lithuanian gaming market in 2023 Q1, compared to 2022 Q1, increased by 26.1%, as the country received 11.4 million EUR more.
During 2023 Q1 gross gaming revenue:
  • 18.7 million from land-based gambling sites
  • 36.6 million from remote gambling
  • Remote gaming gross revenue in 2023 Q1, compared to 2022 Q1, increased by 36 percent. (EUR 9.7 million).
  • Land-based gaming gross revenue grew 10% over the same period. (1.7 million EUR).
  • Some of the gambling organizers have abandoned land-based gambling activities and continue their activities by organizing only remote gambling.

During 2023 Q1 33.7 million worth of lottery tickets were distributed. This is 5.1% more than in 2022 Q1. A total of 19.4 million in winnings were paid out compared to 2022 Q1, as it was 2.4 percent. (453,550 EUR) more.
Tax collection:
During 2023 In the first quarter, 16,179,400 EUR of lottery and gambling tax was collected in the budget, of which:
  • EUR 4,909,907 was paid by the organizers of big lotteries
  • EUR 11,269,493 was paid by gambling organizers