Maine starts application process for sports wagering licenses

15 February 2023
This morning the Maine Gambling Control Unit announced that The Pine Tree State is joining four of the New England states in the sports betting world. Maine has a long way to go, but with the provisional sports wagering application process underway, it’s closer than it was yesterday.
The provisional sports wagering applications are available on the Maine Gambling Control Unit’s website.
According to the Maine Gambling Control Unit website the following licenses must be obtained by a person or entity in order to participate in sports wagering:
  • A facility sports wagering license to conduct sports wagering in which wagers are placed within a physical location in this State

  • A mobile sports wagering license to permit a mobile operator to operate sports wagering through an approved mobile application or other digital platform that involves, at least in part, the use of the Internet

  • A supplier license to sell goods and services to be used in connection with sports wagering, but not to directly accept wagers

  • A management services license to manage sports wagering on behalf of a facility sports wagering licensee or a mobile sports wagering licensee

  • An occupational license to be employed by a facility sports wagering licensee or a mobile sports wagering licensee to operate sports wagering when the employee performs duties in furtherance of or associated with the operation of sports wagering

Currently, residents of Connecticut, New Hampshire, Rhode Island and most recently Massachusetts, are all able to legally place retail sports bets. The first four of those states are also able to participate in online sports wagering, with the Bay State tentatively scheduled to join them on 10 March according to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission.
Vermont is the lone New England state to not legalize any type of sports betting yet as legislators focus on the regulations of the operators.

Jarrod LeBlanc

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