Maryland approves qualifications for three sports wagering applicants

23 March 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The Maryland Lottery and Gaming Control Commission (MLGCC) today approved the qualifications of one mobile sports wagering applicant, one sports wagering facility applicant and one online sports wagering operator applicant.
Veterans Services Corporation was found qualified for a mobile sports wagering license, and Whitman Gaming, Inc. was found qualified for a retail sports wagering facility license. The next step for both entities is expected to come on 19 April when the Sports Wagering Application Review Commission (SWARC) is scheduled to meet and may consider awarding licenses at that time.
Veterans Services Corporation has entered into an operator service agreement with Bee-Fee Limited, which will provide its online sports wagering platform. Whitman Gaming plans to launch a retail sportsbook facility in North Bethesda, located within the Sports & Social sports bar. Whitman Gaming and PPE Casino Resorts, LLC anticipate entering into an agreement allowing Betfair Interactive US, LLC (doing business as FanDuel) to serve as the sports wagering operator for the facility in North Bethesda. FanDuel currently operates PPE’s retail sportsbook located at Live! Casino & Hotel in Hanover and PPE’s mobile sportsbook.
The MLGCC today also found iGamingCloud, Inc. qualified as an online sports wagering operator. The company has entered into a service agreement to provide its Sportnco online wagering platform to Crab Sports Maryland, LLC, which was awarded a mobile license by SWARC on Feb. 15. Businesses found qualified as online and facility sports wagering operators do not go before SWARC for license awards, and are eligible to partner with entities that hold mobile or facility licenses awarded by SWARC.
Under Maryland’s sports wagering law, the MLGCC conducts background investigations to determine whether an applicant has demonstrated the honesty, integrity, good character and financial stability to be qualified for a sports wagering license. SWARC evaluates applicants’ suitability to hold a mobile or facility license and determines whether awarding a license to an applicant is in the public interest.
Prior to launching, each sports wagering business must work with Maryland Lottery and Gaming staff to fulfill operational requirements, including a controlled demonstration to ensure that all systems and internal control procedures are functioning correctly. Timelines for controlled demonstrations and launches of the businesses found qualified today have not yet been determined.