Michigan iGaming and sports betting figures increase in March

16 April 2024
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Michigan commercial and tribal operators reported a combined $257.08 million total internet gaming gross receipts and gross sports betting receipts in March. Gross receipts increased 17.7% compared to February.
Monthly Gross Receipts
March iGaming gross receipts totaled $215.15 million, the highest to date. The previous high was $188.0 million recorded last month. Gross sports betting receipts for March totaled $41.93 million. Gross sports betting receipts for February were $30.5 million.
Monthly Adjusted Gross Receipts
Combined total iGaming and internet sports betting adjusted gross receipts (AGR) for March were $221.14 million, including $194.47 million from iGaming and $26.67 million from internet sports betting — representing an iGaming increase of 14.9% and a sports betting increase of $13.8 million when compared to February 2024. Compared to March 2023 reported revenues, iGaming AGR was up by 25.8% and sports betting was down by 15.2%.
Monthly Handle
Total internet sports betting handle at $480.4 million was up by 19.3% from the $402.6 million handle recorded in February 2024.
Monthly State Taxes/Payments
The operators reported submitting $41.1 million in taxes and payments to the State of Michigan during March, of which:
- iGaming taxes and fees = $39.4 million
- Internet sports betting taxes and fees = $1.7 million
Monthly City of Detroit Taxes/Payments
The three Detroit casinos reported paying the City of Detroit $10.96 million in wagering taxes and municipal services fees during March, of which:
- iGaming taxes and fees = $10.3 million
- Internet sports betting taxes and fees = $663,132
Monthly Tribal Operators’ Payments
Tribal operators reported making $4.7 million in payments to governing bodies in March.
Additional Information
An online gaming and sports betting revenue distribution table is available on the agency’s website.
As of March, a total of 15 commercial and tribal operators have been authorized to launch iGaming and/or internet sports betting. Currently, 13 commercial and tribal operators offer internet sports betting, and 15 operators offer iGaming.