Microgaming previews Cash of Kingdoms online slot

15 February 2018
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Microgaming announced its Cash of Kingdoms online slot at ICE Totally Gaming 2018.
Cash of Kingdoms is a fantasy-themed 5x3-reel, 15-payline online slot set for release later this year. The game introduces a crew of heroic allies: the dashing Knight, the magical Mage, the crafty Rogue, the feisty Archer and the bearded Bombardier, who are ready to charge down the reels to accompany players on their quest for fortune.
Designed for adventure seekers, the colorful slot is packed with bold features that provide nonstop on-screen action. The game introduces Invading Wilds, a brand new feature that unleashes a barrage of fiery arrows onto the reels.
Microgaming celebrated Cash of Kingdoms with a fully-themed Microgaming Bar on the final day of ICE 2018. The bar was fully decked out with archery targets, gunpowder keg tables, full suits of armor and other medieval fixtures that catapulted attendees back in time.
The festivities came alive at the Microgaming Bar, where a skilled foot archer took center stage to astound guests with her gravity-defying stunts and archery skills. Performing to the game's soundtrack, the contortionist donned an outfit emulating the archer from the online slot and wowed attendees.
David Reynolds, Games Publisher at Microgaming, said, "Launching later this year, Cash of Kingdoms is built on a strong game engine that will give players an action-packed escapade with fantastic payouts. Combining an exciting feature set with a popular theme that appeals to many mobile gamers, we anticipate Cash of Kingdoms to be a long-term player favorite. It's the perfect adventure to add to our diverse games roadmap for 2018."