Nambling Notes - Feb. 6, 2004

6 February 2004

Super Bowl Traffic -- comScore Networks, a company that specializes in using the Internet to measure and understand consumer behavior, has published an analysis of the Internet traffic increases from Super Bowl XXXVIII advertisements and displays of nudity., the Web site for an erectile dysfunction product, received the largest increase in attention when its traffic rose nearly 1,900 percent above its average level on Sunday. Within just a few minutes of the first airing of a Cialis commercial, the site had already received a surge of 240 percent more traffic. Other large beneficiaries of Super Bowl commercials were Apple iTunes, which gained 593 percent more traffic, HR, which gained 258 percent more, and, which gained 190 percent more. Although's streaker didn't catch any airtime from CBS cameras, the news of Mark Roberts' naked escapade quickly reached Americans, who flooded the online casino Web site with 380 percent more traffic from 9 p.m. to 9:15 p.m. (EST). Other Web gambling sites also experienced significant gains in traffic, even though they had no televised advertisements. gained 400 percent more traffic, gained 240 percent more and gained 79 percent more.

Fisherman's Jackpot -- I-gaming solutions company European Game & Entertainment Technology (EGET), has developed a new online progressive slots game called Fisherman's Jackpot for Finnish operator Ålands Penningautomatförening (PAF). With graphics built around a Scandinavian fishing theme, Fisherman's Jackpot features 20 win lines, a progressive jackpot, and two bonus games that players can reach by catching large enough fish.

iGGBA Agenda -- At its annual general meeting at the International Casino Exposition in London last week, the Interactive Gambling, Gaming, and Betting Association (iGGBA) announced that it is establishing a regulatory committee and a tax committee to address issues concerning the England's Draft Gambling Bill. iGGBA is now broadening its scope by representing the industry before the European Commission, which recently proposed to review gambling in the Union to determine whether a new directive should be established to harmonize I-gaming laws across all member states. iGGBA also put its new council into place at the meeting. New members include: Andrew Tottenham of Trading Sports (Chairman of iGGBA), Nick Harding of RAL Interactive, Steve Toneguzzo of GGS, John Carganello of TST, Malcolm Graham of Ritz Interactive, Richard Boardley of Littlewoods, Nancy Chan - Palmateer of Cryptologic, and Richard Flint of BSKYB. iGGBA will host an event in London on April 29th called Future of the Remote Gambling Market.

DDoS Attack -- Electric News Net reports that Irish bookmaker Paddy Power's Web site was knocked offline for several hours Wednesday night due to a distributed denial of service attack. There was no interference with customer data, and the company suffered no material loss besides going offline for a few hours. Like most DDoS attacks on Internet gaming sites, this one was launched by hackers seeking to extort money from the company. Paddy Power said it's working with ISPs, telecommunications suppliers, other bookmakers, and authorities to protect betting sites from future assaults. According to a spokesperson for the company, "As with many denial of service attacks, here was an attempt by the perpetrators to secure payment to end the message flow. No payment was made and the incident is now under investigation by U.K. police technology experts. is operating normally and as a matter of courtesy all online customers have been advised of the incident."

LuckyMe -- Harrah's new online gaming site, LuckyMe, is now operating live. The subscription-based site allows users to pay between £10 to £56 per month to compete is skill-based games for a fixed prize pool amount that must be given away each month. is licensed in Alderney and targets 35-48 year-old wom