NCLGS Legislators Adopt Resolution in Support of Pari-Mutuel Integrity System

24 January 2007

U.S. state legislators attending this year's winter meeting of the National Council of Legislators from Gaming States (NCLGS) voted unanimously on Jan. 13 to support an integrity system developed by the Association of Racing Commissioners International (RCI).

NCLGS, the only organization of U.S. state lawmakers convening on a regular basis to discuss gaming issues, voted to support the multi-jurisdictional independent pari-mutuel wagering monitoring system at its meeting in Duck Key, Fla., held on the weekend of Jan. 12.

While electronic wagering on horse and greyhound racing is the only legalized gambling service in the United States that is not independently monitored, the resolution will ensure that U.S. pari-mutuel wagering maintains a secure simulcast wagering system, the Council said in a prepared statement released on Tuesday.

"The resolution responds to a need for a more secure pari-mutuel wagering system that would ultimately benefit the general public, racing fans and the industry as well," said NCLGS president and Florida Sen. Steven Geller (D-Hallandale). "The RCI integrity system will bring pari-mutuel wagering on par with other legalized electronic gaming enterprises in the states -- such as state lotteries, video lottery terminal programs and slot machines -- which are all required by sound state public policy to be independently monitored."

In horse and greyhound racing, a simulcast is a broadcast which allows wagering at two or more sites, often involving the transmission of wagering information to a central site, so that all bettors may bet in the same pool.

The resolution was presented to the NCLGS Committee on Pari-Mutuels at its summer meeting in June 2007, and was deferred by the Committee until its winter meeting in order for legislators to obtain additional information from local industry and regulators.