NCLGS partners with major overseas regulator

6 February 2024
(PRESS RELEASE) -- NCLGS leadership announced at its 2024 Winter Meeting the formation of a committee to study and create model iGaming legislation. West Virginia Delegate Shawn Fluharty, who serves as NCLGS’ President, will soon be announcing the distinguished committee members, who will include the board of directors of NCLGS, legislators, industry experts, former regulators, and educational institutions.
NCLGS’ mission will be to educate all states contemplating iGaming legislation with a best practice roadmap that will be created by some of the foremost gaming and regulatory experts in the world. As the gaming world convenes in London for this week’s ICE London Gaming Conference 2024, NCLGS is proud to announce a partnership with the U.K. Gambling Commission, who will join NCLGS as Special Advisor to the project. The Gambling Commission will share their experience of regulating the largest licensed iGaming market in the world.
Tim Miller, Executive Director at the U.K. Gambling Commission said, “Gambling is an increasingly global industry with many of the same risks, opportunities and challenges seen on both sides of the Atlantic. It’s therefore essential that jurisdictions, that will often be regulating the same companies, work together to share knowledge and best practice to deliver fair, safe and crime-free gambling markets. I am pleased that this important project with NCLGS will allow us to further strengthen our collaborative efforts to deliver on those aims.”
“It is an honor to announce the U.K. Gambling Commission’s involvement in this project,” Fluharty said. “It is also a reflection of the magnitude of this opportunity and the seriousness that comes with it. NCLGS will now have the unique opportunity to leverage the wisdom and expertise of one of the most respected regulatory bodies worldwide in an effort to produce model legislation to strengthen the U.S. market, shrink the black market, and protect consumers.”
NCLGS intends to have the model iGaming legislation unveiled at its Summer NCLGS Meeting – which will be held in Pittsburgh, PA, 17-20 July. Stay tuned for more information regarding the identity of committee members, public meetings, and ways to give input.
NCLGS, founded more than a quarter-century ago, is the only organization of state lawmakers that meets on a regular basis to discuss issues related to gaming. NCLGS neither promotes nor opposes gaming but is focused on proper regulation and promoting best practices in the governance of this important industry.
NCLGS meetings are proudly produced by Spectrum Gaming Group, which serves as NCLGS Executive Director.