Nicaragua Welcomes Internet Gambling

13 December 2000
Belize and Costa Rica are no longer the only Internet gambling jurisdictions in Central America. On November 1, the country of Nicaragua became the latest government to issue licenses, with three companies having relocated to the Latin American nation since then.

According to licensing agent WindnSea Gaming, which has also set up licensees in Belize, Nicaragua has one of the best communications systems in Latin America after recently installing fiber-optic cables. The nation boasts several Internet service providers (including Enitel, Telematix, IBW and Cablenet); cellular telephone and pager service providers; and direct line service to the United States via Sprint, MCI or AT&T.

We'll make more information available as soon as it becomes available to us. For now, WindnSea Gaming has provided the following information:


  • 512K - $ 6,850.00
  • 256K - $ 3,750.00
  • 128K - $ 2,750.00
  • 64K - $ 950.00


  • The duration of the application process is one month.
  • General application procedure is straightforward and simple.


  • Licensing fee - $ 40,000.00
    includes acquisition of corporate status as an IBC and the payment of Government Gaming License
  • Annual Licensing Fee - $ 40,000.00
    (From the second year forward.)