No Account Betting in California

2 October 2000
The possibility of legalized Internet betting on horse races in California failed with the stroke of a pen. Governor Gray Davis vetoed AB 2760, a bill that would have allowed Internet betting on horseracing in the Golden State, on Saturday. Supporters of the legislation saw Internet betting as an opportunity to recoup losses following the introduction of Indian casinos in California.

"I cannot support the provisions lifting the state ban on Internet and telephone wagering," Governor Davis said. "It would expand the scope of gambling by allowing Internet and telephone betting on out-of-state and out-of-country horse races. And it would allow continual betting through commercial betting systems without being limited by the racing season."

Davis was also concerned that children would be able to bet on the races, should AB2760 become law.

Racetrack operators were frustrated by the governor's veto. "With all these Indian tribes around basically having the entire franchise, it's very discouraging for those of us who still have to do business the old-fashioned way," Del Mar Thoroughbred Club Vice President Craig Fravel said.

Meanwhile, the Governor recently signed another bill that would allow for limited licensing of card rooms in California. Despite the governor's approval, the bill could topple because the California Supreme Court has found player-banked games illegal.