Penn Sports Interactive voids NFL bets due to ‘technical error’

22 September 2023
Penn Sports Interactive petitioned to reverse specific NFL prop bets.

Penn Sports Interactive petitioned to reverse specific NFL prop bets.

Sometimes, there’s too much of a good thing.
That was the case last weekend when Penn Sports Interactive (PSI) noticed that prop bets were allowed to be placed approximately 90 minutes after the outcome of the props in the concluded New York Giants vs. Arizona Cardinals game on Sunday afternoon 17 September. According to PSI, which operates Barstool Sportsbook prior to it transitioning to ESPN Bet later this fall, 10 market types with a total of 14 market names were left open. In total, 59 customers placed 257 bets worth $47,759.94 on wagers that were already decided.
PSI notified and provided all of the required information of the incident to the Massachusetts Gaming Commission (MGC) on Monday, 18 September, and at that time asked for all wagers to be voided.
In its petition to the MGC, PSI identified a primary and secondary cause of the incident. According to the petition, “the primary root cause of the issue was determined to occur from a technical data breakdown issue with one of their odds providers Swish Analytics. The secondary cause was determined to occur when their sports trading platform ‘Vegas’ experienced a significant increase in activity just after kickoff of the afternoon games. This increase in activity created latency in certain ‘Vegas’ monitoring displays. Only once the latency issue was resolved, was PSI able to confirm the wagering anomalies on the event.”
[It should be noted that PSI reached out to Casino City on Monday, 25 September to inform us that the issue stemmed from a PSI software error, rather than from an issue with Swish Analytics.]
The petition went on to read, “with regards to how PSI will remedy and prevent, and emergency release was scheduled to be deployed the week of September 18, 2023, which will correct the Swish Analytics data parsing issue in order to process all player prop market updates and values. PSI will also introduce system performance enhancements to address the display monitoring latency.”
Upon reviewing all of the information at hand, the MGC voted to void all affected wagers with regards to this incident.
The Pennsylvania Gaming Control Board, following the same request from PSI, is also voiding bets as a result of this same incident; however, it is not known the volume of bets or the amount yet.
PSI is awaiting a ruling on its request to void wagers as a result of this incident from the New Jersey Division of Gaming Enforcement.

Jarrod LeBlanc

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