Queensland Awards First Online Gaming License to GOGORP

4 June 1999
GOCORP, an Australian Internet technology company, announced today that it has received the first online gaming license to be awarded by the government of Queensland. The license was granted in accordance with the with the passing of the Interactive Gambling (Player Protection) Act 1998, which establishes a legal framework and licensing procedure for Internet wagering in Queensland, Australia.

The Queensland Government has made an effort to seek technology-based companies for online gaming licensing. GOCORP, with its vision to become the hub for technology and e-commerce in the region, was an ideal candidate.

"GOCORP's sole business function is online gaming, and we are focused on not only setting the benchmark in entertainment driven by leading edge technologies, but also establishing leadership in the management of player protection in accordance with the regulatory guidelines," said CEO Paul Appleby."

The company has already begun its software implementation process, utilizing the latest available software, hardware and network security technologies.

For more information on GOCORP, visit http://www.gocorp.com.au.

Regulations and licensing requirements for Queensland can be viewed at: