Rebecca's Recommendations - April 26, 2007

26 April 2007
Rebecca's Recommendations

Surprise! What do you think of the new Online Casino City Times newsletter? Do you like? It is a pretty hectic time over here between the launch of our new and improved newsletter, the launch of our GPWA Times magazine, and preparation for the big Casino Affiliate Convention in Amsterdam next week. Yes, Amsterdam. How many places are there in this world where it is completely acceptable to smoke the weed in front of your CEO and all your clients? Not many, my friends. This should be interesting. We even have an organized "Webmasters Pub Social" next Saturday at the Grasshopper II, a popular and touristy coffeeshop near Amsterdam's train station. What do I mean by coffeeshop exactly? Thanks to, here is a brief description:

"In Amsterdam, "coffeeshop" means a place where cannabis is openly sold and smoked. Though soft drugs have not been legalized in the Netherlands, it is tolerated when used discretely. Hard drugs are strictly prohibited. The coffeeshops can legally store up to 500 grams of marijuana and can sell up to 5 grams to adults over 18. You can smoke from your own bag, you just have to buy something. Each coffeeshop offers several kinds of weed and hash, usually there is a "menu" to choose from. The prices vary according to the quality (about 5 Euros per gram) - be careful, the local skunk is strong, you can always ask the staff for the strength and the general effect. You may also want to ask for a pipe to use, rolling papers and filter-tips are available as well".


Before taking off for cannabis land, I would like to tell you about Jackpot Joy and the release of their brand new game, Strike it Lucky. Modeled after the UK TV show, the Strike it Lucky 20 line slot features a massive progressive jackpot and a bonus game that will make you the star in your very own game of Strike it Lucky. Match five Strike it Lucky symbols and you could win one of the three jackpots, collect 10 bonus TV screens and take part in the exciting Strike it Lucky game show feature. Join Jackpot Joy today to enjoy this new game and receive a 100% match bonus of up to 10 GBP completely free.

Ok folks, enjoy the new Online Casino City Times newsletter and I'll be back in two weeks with a nice report of my Amsterdam experiences. All I can say is that I better be number one on Jenny Woo's "To Do List" this time around…