Regulation or Prohibition in Illinois?

2 August 1999
Internet gambling is apparently a hot issue among Illinois State legislators. Shortly after Senate Bill 0004, a measure prohibiting businesses in that state from taking bets online, was signed by Governor Ryan, the word out of the House Representatives was that Minority Leader Lee Daniels, R-Elmhurst, wants a legislative panel to study the increasing popularity of online gaming.

Daniels would like a committee that's studying Internet safety issues to examine whether Illinois requires new laws to regulate web-based gambling.

A United Press International (UPI) story suggests that Daniels may favor regulation over prohibition, some of his comments appear to indicate the same. "If we're going to allow gambling in Illinois, we have a responsibility to regulate it to assure that it's fair and above board," he said.

A spokesperson for Daniels told IGN, however, that the state representative is against legalized betting on the Internet. The spokesperson didn't elaborate on that position, although Daniels was quoted by UPI as calling online gaming "an insidious addition to the gambling industry."

Daniels was unavailable for an interview.

The Illinois House's committee on Internet safety has been in place since spring. It is currently studying Internet safety software and will make recommendations on the creation of an age-appropriate website rating system to try to keep children out of porn sites.