RivTrend Global I-Gaming Stock Index Performance

5 January 2001

Since its launch October 16, 2000, the RivTrend Global Index of the 15 leading I-gaming companies rose 6.6 percent through the year-end to 106.6. The move contrasts for the same period with a decline of 24 percent for the NASDAQ index and a decline in Q4 of 20.2 percent for the Russell 2000 Growth Stock Index.

The year-end market cap of our Global I-Gaming Stock Index stood at US$6.2 billion, and was comprised of its North America sub-index at $331 million and the EuroAustralia sub-index at US $5.8 billion. The Global Index comprises a rise of 10.3 percent for the EuroAustralia I-gaming stocks, while North American Index members declined 32.9 percent.

In U.S. dollar amounts, the North American decline was led by eLOT ($45.1mm) and CryptoLogic ($41.92mm). Starnet declined $31.56 million during this approximately 10-week period. The percent declines of Index companies with significant market caps in North America were SNMM - 70%, ELOT - 58%, UBET - 38%, Auto Tote (TTE) - 7%, and CRYP - 23%.

In the EuroAustralia sector, Hilton Group (owner of Ladbrokes) was up 14 percent. Sportingbet.com was up 16 percent through its last trade on November 9 on London's over the counter OFX markets, and resumes trading in January 2001 on London's AIM exchange. Boss Media, trading on the Stockholm Exchange, declined 4 percent. ENIC, trading on the LSE, declined 21 percent. With Australia's Year end I-gaming moratorium, the two Australian stocks in the Index were off at the end of the year.

John Dutton is the chief analyst for Investrend Research, as well as the co-founder of the RivTrend Global I-Gaming Stock Index.