Second Sportingbet Employee in Turkish Tussle Free to Return to U.K. (Update 1)

27 January 2009
After this article was published, comments were added from Sportingbet.

The second of two Sportingbet employees arrested by Turkish authorities in the spring of 2008 was Monday allowed to return to the United Kingdom, but his legal issues remain unresolved, according to the company.

Last May, two Sportingbet employees on vacation in Turkey were arrested on suspicion of being linked to online gambling in Turkey. In July, one of the employees was released and returned to the United Kingdom; the other, a Turkish national, was held until October 14 when he was released, subject to certain travel restrictions.

While his travel restrictions have now been lifted, he is expected to return to Turkey for a trial and judgment no sooner than 2010, the company said.

George Hudson, a spokesperson for Sportingbet, told IGamingNews Tuesday that, unfortunately, the Turkish legal system is very slow.

"Charges against the employee have not been presented and the Turkish legal authorities have not put forth a proper legal defense," Mr. Hudson said. "The annoying and impeding thing is that he has to return to Turkey next year."

Emily Swoboda is the senior staff writer at IGamingNews. She lives in St. Louis, Mo.