Several gaming companies announce they are pulling out of Norway

14 September 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- The companies behind Unibet, Betsson, ComeOn and bet365 have been operating illegally in Norway for several years. They are in the process of withdrawing from the Norwegian market after we have carried out an audit against them.
"These are companies that are neither allowed to offer nor market money games to Norwegians. The fact that several of the largest gaming companies that operate illegally in Norway withdraw will prevent gambling problems and contribute to a safer and more responsible gaming offer in the Norwegian market, says Henrik Nordal, Deputy Director General of the Norwegian Gaming Authority.
Norway is not as lucrative a market for illegal gambling companies as it was before. Today, the illegal advertising on TV is gone and the payment services ban works well.
"This shows that regulation has an effect. It has become very difficult for the illegal companies to operate in Norway. We also offer guidance to companies wishing to withdraw from the Norwegian market."
The company behind these plays pages is in the process of pulling out of the Norwegian market:
High Roller
People's Kingdom
Mobile Automaton
The Gaming Authority will follow up with supervision of several illegal companies, unless they inform us that they will withdraw from Norway.
Companies that do not withdraw from the Norwegian market risk that their websites will be blocked next year, when we get new regulations in place. It will mean that Norwegian spelarar will be stopped if they try to access some of these pages.
A recent population survey conducted by the University of Bergen on behalf of the Norwegian Gaming Authority shows that the number of Norwegians who have fiddle problems has been halved since the previous survey in 2019.
This shows that the work the Gaming Authority has done to stop illegal companies has had a good effect, but it is still a non-illegal money game company in the Norwegian market.