Startups to be at Betting on Sports America

4 April 2019
(PRESS RELEASE) -- New innovative businesses at the start of their journey now have the opportunity to promote their vision at Betting on Sports America, the largest dedicated sports betting industry conference and trade show in the U.S., which is being held from 23-25 April at the Meadowlands Exposition Center in New Jersey.
Conference organizer SBC (Sports Betting Community) has introduced a Start-Up Zone to the Betting on Sports America show floor to enable firms to exhibit at the event without the substantial investment usually required.
Among the firms already signed up to take advantage of the Start-Up Zone are EV Analytics, a cutting-edge sports analytics company trusted by fans and sports media outlets to help make data-driven decisions, and TAP 50:50 that provides technologies to broaden the reach of non-profit organizations and charities by automating their 50/50 raffles in a safe, secure, and most importantly increasingly exciting way.
SBC Chief Operating Officer Paul Mills commented, “Given the US sports betting market is currently at the start of a wave of activity, the right idea injected into proceedings at this stage could feasibly help shape the future of the whole sector.
“This is why believe the introduction of the Start-Up Zone can give some interesting companies a cost effective way of communicating their vision to a growing and rapidly developing industry.”
The remaining stands in the Start-Up Zone are available to companies
  • Under three years old or in early stage of funding (seed, series A).
  • Independently structured, ie not part of an existing company.
  • U.S.-based or actively targeting US market focused.
  • Sports Betting-focused or products targeting sports betting industry.