With recent fines, betr’s license could now be at risk

22 February 2023
After the Racing Commission imposed another fine to betr, which Rupert Murdoch’s News Corp has partial ownership of, the Australian sports betting operator should have some concerns about keeping its license.
The latest fine was given after a discovery that betr was reaching out to people who are considered “non-gamblers.” Also, the operator was caught sending repeated spam messages to recipients that did not provide permission to do so. This $37,000 fine brings the total over the last three months for betr to north of $51,000.
<i>The sports betting operator was fined for spam messages.</i>

The sports betting operator was fined for spam messages.

This fine comes less than a week after both DraftKings and Barstool Sportsbook were found in trouble for similar activity.
Sure, in response to these breaches, betr told the Racing Commission that it will be sure that this doesn’t happen again and its employees will have more extensive training to help prevent something like this from occurring in the future.
It’s one thing to say it, but as the old saying goes, “actions speak louder than words.” It seems like the Racing Commission is on board with the old cliché because it mentioned it may have to move to consider other forms of action if something like this were to come to light again, which includes taking a look at betr’s license, which was obtained in October.
Another hope from the Racing Commission is that this unfortunate instance can serve as an example to other bookmakers. The Commission said, “given the serious nature of these breaches, this decision will be published on the Commission’s website so as to place all Northern Territory bookmakers on notice that the Commission treats such breaches very seriously.”
One thing is for sure, the sports betting operator, dare I say, “better” be on its best behavior because you can count on the Racing Commission to be watching them closely to see if changes have been made and it is heading in the proper direction.

Dan Ippolito

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