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States' rights and fragmented Internet gambling markets (15 November 2011)
State legislatures will continue to gain confidence in their ability to regulate gambling on the Internet, but they will be careful not to impose their laws outside their territory.
Has the Commercial Returned to Svenska Spel? (11 July 2008)
The appointment of Margareta Winberg as chair of Svenska Spel signaled a new phase for the company, one in which it would focus more on social responsibility and less on product expansion and advertising. Judging by Ms. Winberg's interview with Radio Sweden Thursday, however, it appears expansion is still in the cards.
Ireland Mulls Remote Regulation (10 July 2008)
Dermot Ahern, Ireland's justice minister, on Thursday published "Regulating Gaming in Ireland," a report that makes "significant public policy implications regarding the future architecture of many aspects of gaming and betting in Ireland," including the recommendation that the country begin regulating remote gaming.
One Small Step for France (7 July 2008)
France's government has completed another significant step in the process of opening the country to remote gambling following the June 26 delivery of a report titled "Jeux en ligne et menace criminelle," or "Online games and criminal threats," to Eric Woerth, the country's budget minister.
Icann Unveils Plans for Unlimited Domain Extensions (30 June 2008)
It looks as though we are living the final days of an era when Web sites must comply with a rigid address system offering only a limited number of extensions like ".com," ".org" and ""
Denmark's Hidden Jewel (26 June 2008)
TV2, a state-owned broadcaster in Denmark, has become the country's first domestic company to provide online skill games with real-money wagering. No hostile response is expected from the government or the gambling monopoly, Danske Spil, because games of skill are not covered by national gambling laws.
U.S. Response to I-Gaming Probe Stings EU Operators (24 June 2008)
The European Commission, as part of its investigation into whether United States policy on Internet gambling violates international trade rules, sent a questionnaire to various government offices and agencies in the United States. The document poses 32 questions, but Susan C. Schwab, the United States trade representative, answered it in less than three pages.
AsianLogic in J.V. with Parent Co. of Cagayan Freeport Master Licensor (23 June 2008)
AsianLogic Ltd. is seeking to further extend its reach into Asia through a joint venture with Leisure and Resorts World Corporation, a company that operates bingo parlors in the Philippines and also happens to control the master licensor for online gambling in the Cagayan Special Economic Zone and Freeport.
UltimateBet Parent Co. in Second Cheating Scanda (2 June 2008)
UltimateBet has revealed that an individual or individuals who formerly worked for the site were able to cheat players for a period spanning 21 months.
State-Licensed Internet Gaming Comes to Germany (10 April 2008)
State-licensed Internet gambling is coming to the German state of Lower Saxony next month by way of a deal between Chartwell Technology and the state's exclusive casino operator, Spielbanken Niedersachsen GmbH.
Mfuse Gets £1.55-Million Boost from Blandford (21 March 2008)
Calvert Loses £2 Million Case against William Hil (12 March 2008)
Canadian MP Wants I-gaming Legislation (7 March 2008)
PartyGaming Still Talking to US; Garber Stepping Down (5 March 2008)
Playtech KPIs Exceed Expectations (4 March 2008)
$3.3 Mill Spent Lobbying I-gaming Policy in US, 2nd Half '07 (3 March 2008)
Harrah's Posts $47.8 Million Loss in Q4 (27 February 2008)
High Court Judge OKs Calvert to Amend Negligence Claim (27 February 2008)
Senators say Proposed UIGEA Regs Require Further Guidance (26 February 2008)
Insights: The US-Antigua WTO Settlement (18 January 2008)
Streaming: A Good Bet for Bookmakers (17 January 2008)
Editorial: Who's Your Horse? (15 January 2008)
A Look Back at 2007 (11 January 2008)
AIM's First in 15: AsianLogic (10 January 2008)
Insights: The US-Antigua WTO Settlement (9 January 2008)
Kaplan Pleads His Case, Still No Decision on Bai (4 June 2007)
Editorial: (Not Quite) Time to Regulate (7 May 2007)
GPWA unveils seal of approval for gambling portals (30 November 2006)
Neteller customers should check their wallets (19 October 2006)
Fears Prove Unfounded at Casino Affiliate Convention in Vegas (18 September 2006)
It's Official: PartyGaming Acquires Gamebookers (3 August 2006)
Banking Interests Asks US Senate to Amend I-Gaming Prohibition Bil (2 August 2006)
Eight Busted for Involvement in California Gambling Ring (31 July 2006)
Kicking Down the £1 Billion Barrier (27 July 2006)
Garber: 'PartyGaming Is Strong' (25 July 2006)
Short-Term Prospects not Good for HR 4411 in the Senate (24 July 2006)
Editorial: What about the Senate? (13 July 2006)
US House Passes Goodlatte/Leach Bil (11 July 2006)
Betfair Gains Access to Racing in Victoria (10 July 2006)
U.S. House of Reps. to Vote on I-gaming Prohibition Tuesday (10 July 2006)
Eleven Charged in UK Racing Investigation (6 July 2006)
Bill to Prohibit Exchange Betting Enters Western Australian Parliament (28 June 2006)
Jowell Comments on Gaming Concerns - Code of Practice among Them (22 June 2006)
Piggs Peak - A Unique Operation (15 June 2006)
The World's Biggest Ever Betting Event (15 June 2006)
Ladbrokes a Success Story in 2006, Employees Rewarded (12 June 2006)
Aristotle's Probe: Consumer Thoughts on Privacy, Identity and Honesty (9 June 2006)
Latest from UK Gambling Commission: 'Licensing, Compliance and Enforcement' (2 June 2006)
House Committee Passes Goodlatte and Leach I-Gaming Legislation (25 May 2006)
US Alleges $250 Million Laundered by WWTS Execs (22 May 2006)
US Conservatives Back I-Gaming Prohibition Bills (22 May 2006)
House Rules Committee Nixes Surprise Attempt to Move Leach Bil (28 April 2006)
AGA Calls for US Congressional Study into Impact of I-Gaming (27 April 2006)
In the Name of Integrity (26 April 2006)
UK to Loosen Gambling Ad Restrictions (26 April 2006)
Picking up Steam (19 April 2006)
Hong Kong Considers Lowering Race Betting Duty to Stay Competitive (11 April 2006)
US Company Investigated for Duping Would-Be I-Gaming Affiliates (5 April 2006)
House Subcommittee Debates Goodlatte Bil (5 April 2006)
WTO Deadline Comes and Goes with No US Compliance (3 April 2006)
ATR and UK Racing Settle Media Rights Case; Industries Look to Future (31 March 2006)
Could PBL Bid Forge Alliance Between Victoria Racing and Betfair? (30 March 2006)
WTO Deadline for U.S. Only Days Away (29 March 2006)
Tournament Time (23 March 2006)
RTG's Asian Venture (22 March 2006)
Consolidation in the Skill Games Sector - SkillJam Acquires WorldWinner (22 March 2006)
Higher Credit Card Processing Rates in Store for UK Online Gamblers (17 March 2006)
Attention to I-Gaming in Washington Shifts to the House (13 March 2006)
Kyl/Goodlatte Speculation Reaches Frenzy (8 March 2006)
DCMS Reinforces UK Gambling Advertising Restrictions (6 March 2006)
Backers of Canadian Advertising Bill Hoping for Momentum (3 March 2006)
Six Nations Band Considers I-Gaming Referendum (3 March 2006)
Prohibition Bill Emerges in Canada (1 March 2006)
PayPal (Europe) Ltd. Allows Betfair Customers to Use Its Service (28 February 2006)
Analysis of Goodlatte's HR 4777 - The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act (23 February 2006)
Super Bowl XL Produces Record Amount of Wagers (16 February 2006)
US Sports Leagues Back Prohibition Effort (3 February 2006)
Sizing up the Super Bow (3 February 2006)
Blackjack Lifts PartyGaming in Q4 (1 February 2006)
Casino City Drops First Amendment Case Against DOJ (30 January 2006)
California Horse Racing's ADW Licensing System to Undergo Change (26 January 2006)
I-gaming Prohibition Becoming a Priority for Republican Leaders (24 January 2006)
A Foundation for I-Gaming in South Africa (19 January 2006)
Western Union Shuts Down Antigua Offices (19 January 2006)
BoS Launches New Efforts Backing US Regulation (17 January 2006)
China Striving to Erase Gambling (10 January 2006)
PokerStars on the Block - Let the Bidding Begin (6 January 2006)
What's Next for Ladbrokes? (6 January 2006)
Crackdown in Israe (21 December 2005)
The Future of Hedging (16 December 2005)
Implications of the Dutch Breda Ruling (15 December 2005)
EC, Netherlands Clash on Gambling Policy (12 December 2005)
Academic Study Could Shape EC Gambling Policy (8 December 2005)
Empire Files Case Against PartyGaming in Gibraltar (6 December 2005)
Party Looks Strong, but Challenges Lie Ahead (5 December 2005)
Helping to Fill the Research Void (1 December 2005)
Betfair Ready to Move forward Following Approval in Tasmania (29 November 2005)
Heightened Awareness (25 November 2005)
No Deal with PartyGaming - Empire Would Rather Sue than Sel (21 November 2005)
Kyl Could Be Vulnerable in '06 (20 November 2005)
Olympic Sportsbook Is Free to Operate in Jamaica (17 November 2005)
Empire Limbo: How Low Can You Go? (16 November 2005)
PartyGaming Confirms Empire Acquisition Bid (4 November 2005)
888's 3Q a Smashing Success (2 November 2005)
PartyGaming Trading Update: All Is Wel (21 October 2005)
Maltese Declassification (20 October 2005)
A Pivotal Time for Betfair (18 October 2005)
A Shot in the Arm from Sportingbet (13 October 2005)
PartyGaming Severs Four Skins (12 October 2005)
Unpleasant Fantasy (11 October 2005)
Gala-Coral Merger Creates European Giant (10 October 2005)
888 Floats (30 September 2005)
Maltese Company Files Complaint Against France With EC (23 September 2005)
Revenue Growth Slows for PartyGaming (6 September 2005)
Not a Good Week for Europe's Anti-Monopoly Movement (2 September 2005)
Dutch Verdict: De Lotto Defeats Ladbrokes (1 September 2005)
Nambling Notes - Aug. 22, 2005 (22 August 2005)
Nambling Notes - Aug. 12, 2005 (13 August 2005)
A Rock and a Hard Place (for Tax Haven Seekers) (10 August 2005)
Nambling Notes - July 29, 2005 (29 July 2005)
Casino City Continues to Build Its Case (29 July 2005)
Connecticut Questions Legality of Foxwood's Online Game (26 July 2005)
Infringement Procedures on European Commission Agenda (20 July 2005)
US Government Responds to Casino City Appea (18 July 2005)
No Love for Ladbrokes in Sweden (14 July 2005)
A Closer Look at Casino City's Appea (23 June 2005)
PartyGaming Float Still On Schedule (21 June 2005)
Search Engine Advertisement Case In California Proceeds to Next Phase (10 June 2005)
WTO Ruling Raises Concerns over US States' Rights (8 June 2005)
Understanding the WTO Decision: Part 2 of 2 (27 May 2005)
Understanding the WTO Decision: Part 1 of 2 (24 May 2005)
Indiana Prohibits Internet Gambling (4 May 2005)
Next on Neteller's Agenda: The World (14 April 2005)
US, Antigua Both Claim Victory Following WTO Appellate Body Ruling (7 April 2005)
Georgia Lawmakers Consider Internet Lottery Purchases (25 March 2005)
Stanleybet Allowed to Operate in Italy . . . For Now (14 March 2005)
ESPN Introduces Free-Play Poker Site (3 March 2005)
New Jersey Senate Considers Regulated I-Gaming (1 March 2005)
De Lotto Prevails over Ladbrokes in Dutch Supreme Court (19 February 2005)
Illinois Senate to Vote on Internet Lottery Bil (18 February 2005)
Casino City Case Dismissed (16 February 2005)
Proposed Bill Could Lead to Legalized Internet Poker in North Dakota (5 February 2005)
I-Gaming Prohibition Bills Resurface in Indiana (21 January 2005)
US Appeals WTO Ruling (11 January 2005)
Isle of Man Welcomes US Play (6 January 2005)
The WTO Report - the Impact, the Meaning and the Future (21 December 2004)
An Overview of the UK National Lottery Bil (9 December 2004)
DOJ Holds Its Ground in Casino City Case (8 December 2004)
Isle of Man Considers Accepting US Bets (1 December 2004)
Casino City Files Counter-Response in Advertising Test Case (21 November 2004)
Dutch Minister Sides with De Lotto in Ladbrokes Case (19 November 2004)
WTO Dispute Panel Recommends Change in U.S. Law (11 November 2004)
Evaluating the DOJ's Response to Casino City (5 November 2004)
US Government Responds to Casino City (1 November 2004)
Betfair Takes on Dutch Government (29 October 2004)
Ambitions for an American Betting Exchange (14 October 2004)
South Africa Plans for Online Gambling (30 September 2004)
UK Gaming Board, Arcade Operator Clash over New Kiosk (28 September 2004)
Cyprus Prepares for Interactive Gambling (20 September 2004)
New Leadership and a New Plan for Betcorp, WWTS (14 September 2004)
England's 'Chariotlottery' Rolls into Town (12 September 2004)
Betfair Aids in Major Race-Fixing Bust (1 September 2004)
Expansion in Israe (26 August 2004)
Hockey Star's Name Comes up in National Sports Consultants Investigation (17 August 2004)
England's 'Gambling Alliance' (13 August 2004)
Media Firm Challenges DOJ Ad Policy (9 August 2004)
Online Lottery for Atlantic Canadians Almost Ready For Launch (29 July 2004)
Ashcroft Responds to I-Gaming Freedom of Speech Complaint (26 July 2004)
Busted - British, Russian Authorities Nail DDoS Ring (22 July 2004)
New Jersey Three Months Away from Internet Race Betting (21 July 2004)
Revisiting the Duval Ruling - Case Closed (16 July 2004)
Eight Canadians Charged in Alleged I-Gaming Pyramid Scheme (12 July 2004)
Searching for Nevada's Cyber Borders (7 July 2004)
WTO Update: US and Antigua Agree to Negotiate (1 July 2004)
A Unique First Amendment Challenge (25 June 2004)
Next Volley: British DCMS Responds to Scrutiny Committee (15 June 2004)
A Closer Look at the Paradise/Discovery Case (10 June 2004)
Far from Over (8 June 2004)
WTO Speculation (2 June 2004)
DOJ Seizes $3.25 Million from Discovery (2 June 2004)
The 'Good News' and 'Bad News' about CAN-SPAM (28 May 2004)
Ad 'Crisis' Takes Center Stage at GIGSE (26 May 2004)
Nambling Notes - May 25, 2004 (25 May 2004)
Q & A: Harris Hagan (25 May 2004)
A New European Online Betting Association (13 May 2004)
Italian Football Center of Betting Scanda (13 May 2004)
Are Unauthorized Lottery Resellers Outlaws? Depends on Who You Ask (6 May 2004)
A Boost for the Dogs (3 May 2004) Back on Board with (22 April 2004)
Britain's Gambling Population - Numbers Are Down, Concerns over P2P and Internet Are Up (7 April 2004)
The UK Joint Scrutiny Committee Speaks (7 April 2004)
WTO Rules in Favor of Antigua (24 March 2004)
Change in Costa Rica (23 March 2004)
All of Carib's Funds Completely Restored (4 March 2004)
RTG: 'No Flaws in Caribbean 21' (23 February 2004)
The New Isle of Man (19 February 2004)
Skill Games Battle Settled in Missouri (16 February 2004)
Hackers Go for Super Bowl Gold (12 February 2004)
The European Commission's I-Gaming Initiative (5 February 2004)
Missouri Gaming Commission Battles Licensee over Skill Games Web Site (4 February 2004)
Federal Justice Department Advises US Virgin Islands Not to Host I-Gaming Services (31 January 2004)
Super Bowl XXXVIII - More Betting, More Variety, More Attacks (29 January 2004)
Ambitions to Harmonize (26 January 2004)
I-Gaming Dispute Part of a Much Bigger Picture in Korea (22 January 2004)
McIntosh, ABB at Odds over Betting Exchange Issue (21 January 2004)
Super Sunday: Panthers... Patriots... Poker (20 January 2004)
UK Bookmakers, Jockey Club Consider MOU (15 January 2004)
Ninemsn Moves Aussie Cricket Site Overseas (17 December 2003)
WLA Supports US in WTO I-gaming Dispute (9 December 2003)
Gaming Operator Gives Account of DDoS Attack (4 December 2003)
I-Gaming's Thorn du Jour: DDoS (26 November 2003)
Foreign Operators Brace for 'Real War' in Holland (24 November 2003)
Harrah's Unveils Subscription Based I-Gaming Operation (12 November 2003)
TAB Update: Beattie Cites Competition Concerns (7 November 2003)
TAB Saga Gets More Interesting as Tabcorp Enters the Frey (6 November 2003)
SportOdds Loses Appeal in NSW Advertising Case (3 November 2003)
UK Lottery to Go Mobile (31 October 2003)
The Ultimate Skill Games Arena (30 October 2003)
Czech Players Tune into TV Lottery (23 October 2003)
Australian Tab and Unitab Merger Proposed (17 October 2003)
Alleged Insider Betting Rocks the Tennis World (15 October 2003)
P2P Concerns Spawn New Provisions under UK Gambling Bil (9 October 2003)
Playtech Game Terminals Debut in Tanzania (8 October 2003)
Gone Tomorrow? (3 October 2003)
TVG Sues Youbet Over Control Issues (17 September 2003)
Intralot Signs Contract To Put Chile's Lottery On Internet (16 September 2003)
New Zealand Gambling Bill Puts Lottery Online (12 September 2003)
Ladbrokes Loses De Lotto Appea (10 September 2003)
WTO Panel Selected for Antigua, US Dispute (8 September 2003)
Ladbrokes Set to Battle with Finnish Government (8 September 2003)
The Facts Behind the Gold Technologies Indictment (5 September 2003)
Two I-Gaming Businesses, Four Individuals Indicted in California (30 August 2003)
No Progress for US, Antigua in WTO Dispute (19 August 2003)
Online Player Sentenced for Illegal Gambling Activity (15 August 2003)
A New Kind of Betting Exchange (13 August 2003)
Pentagon Mimicry? (6 August 2003)
German Software Group Aims for Versatility, Universality (21 July 2003)
Fraudulent Lotto Site Tries to Scams Hundreds (17 July 2003)
Getting to Know You (8 July 2003)
Sky Bet Vegas Web Site a Big Plus for Wagerworks, BSkyB (1 July 2003)
Antigua Moves Forward with WTO Claim vs. US (25 June 2003)
Gala Bids for Success in the P2P Space (23 June 2003)
New Account Wagering Measure Could Boost Nevada's Race Betting Industry (18 June 2003)
New Features for SportsXction (13 June 2003)
Coming of Age (6 June 2003)
New Wireless Casino Solution Focuses on Security (4 June 2003)
Senatorial Candidate Opposes Prohibition of Online Gambling (3 June 2003)

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