Christine Bednar Article Archive

Christine Bednar has contributed four articles published on the iGaming News site.
Secure Electronic Transaction (SET) Update (17 July 1998)
Secure Electronic Transactions: Also known to electronic commerce industry insiders as simply SET. You've no doubt heard something about it by now. You may even think you know a little bit (maybe a lot) about it. But right now, the more specific and immediate questions on the mind of anyone in the online gaming industry are probably "So how, exactly, does it work?" and "When will it be available to me?"
Negative Database Screening and Online Credit Card Payment Processing (18 June 1998)
There's an important lesson for the online gaming industry to learn by looking at the near-death experience that the audiotext industry experienced. In the mid-to-late eighties, this industry was at roughly the same stage of development as the online gaming industry is today. Things were looking very promising. It was all profits, profits, profits. Everything was coming up roses, you might say. Then, suddenly, things changed dramatically. Panic set in as company after company failed.
Speed Limits on the Information Superhighway (7 May 1998)
What, exactly, are velocity controls? You've probably been hearing a lot about them lately if you process online credit card payments.
An Ounce of Prevention is Worth a Pound of Cure (7 April 1998)
Developing adequate fraud controls keeps your chargebacks to a minimum. Learn how to design those systems in the first of a series of articles by Christine Bednar of Signature Card Services.