Fred Faust Article Archive

Fred Faust has contributed three articles published on the iGaming News site.
Crystal Ball Gazing Among I-Gaming Leaders (25 June 2004)
Three experts in online gaming see possibilities for the industry's eventual legalization in the United States. None of the three, who were part of a forecasting panel at the Global Interactive Gaming Summit & Expo (GIGSE) last month in Toronto, dared to make a firm prediction, but each suggested scenarios that could lead to legalization in the industry's biggest market.
The Question Remains: How Should I-Gaming Be Regulated? (11 July 2003)
Leaders of the online gaming industry, almost from its inception in the mid-1990s, have clamored for regulation. "Regulation" has been the industry's answer to opponents, such as those in the U.S. Congress, who want to try to prohibit this form of gaming. Now that several jurisdictions are aggressively regulating online gaming, and in a year in which some prominent licensees of highly regulated jurisdictions have closed their Internet casinos, the industry is focusing attention on the nature and future of such regulation.
Three Casinos, Three Paths (24 May 2002)
Executives of three of the first major land-based casino firms to launch online operations addressed the Global Interactive Gaming Summit and Expo last week in Toronto. The experience in land-based gaming was about all that the three executives had in common, however, as their companies are taking sharply different approaches to regulation, target markets and even the nature of the casino games that they are offering online.