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Gambling and the Law: Culture clash (9 June 2014)
It is not easy to do business in Asia. Or in the U.S. This is especially true of heavily regulated businesses, like legal gaming. And the problems are compounded when an individual who is a product of one culture wants to expand into a foreign market.
Gambling and the Law: Amnesty for Internet poker sites? (28 October 2011)
Professor I. Nelson Rose says that the evenutal winners when online poker becomes regulated in the U.S. will be determined if companies are granted amnesty for taking American bets.
PartyPoker Bets $105 Million on Return to U.S. (13 May 2009)
Professor I. Nelson Rose says PartyGaming wants back into the United States market. And it wouldn't mind if PokerStars and Full Tilt were forced out.
Proving Poker Is a Game of Skill (31 March 2009)
How can poker be legalized in the United States? Professor I. Nelson Rose argues that although passing legislation through a state Legislature is the cleaner way, litigation is the easier way.
Making and Unmaking Laws in Court (3 March 2009)
Professor I. Nelson Rose surveys a number of positive legal developments for gambling in the United States since 2009 began.
Analysis | Betcha.com Wins Big (12 February 2009)
The Court of Appeals of the state of Washington -- the state that makes it a felony to play poker on the Internet -- just ruled that gambling is not gambling if the loser is not required to pay the winner.
Penn. Court Rules Poker Is a Game of Skill (23 January 2009)
A trial judge in Pennsylvania dismissed criminal gambling charges against the operator of a garage poker room and his girlfriend dealer, holding that Texas Hold 'em is a game of skill.
The Impact of a Depression on Gaming Laws (7 January 2009)
If President-elect Barack Obama and other world leaders can get us out of this mess, we will look back on Depression 2.0 as a time not only of despair, but of opportunities.
Which Way, Asia? (29 October 2008)
Macau’s gross gaming revenue is slowing. Still, the only legal casinos in China made more in the first three quarters of 2008 than they did in all of 2007 -- and that was more than all the casinos on the Las Vegas Strip.
Europe Decisions Don't Open Doors to U.S. Players (9 October 2008)
The European Court of Justice and the European Commission have issued dramatic statements calling for the end of barriers to Internet gambling. Some observers see these as the beginning of the end for America’s Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act and the opening of doors to Internet gaming, especially poker.
Enforcing a Stupid Law (12 September 2008)
No Withholding on Poker Tourneys (2 September 2008)
Victim of Its Own Success (7 August 2008)
The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act of 2006 Analyzed (2 October 2006)
Playboy and the Past and Future of Gambling (16 February 2004)
The World's Only Gambling Court (16 May 2003)
The Name Game (25 April 2003)
If Betting Is Not A Crime, Is It Legal? (6 March 2003)
Davis Legalizes Gambling, Again (16 October 2002)
California Bill Would Have Brought Back Prohibition (23 August 2002)
Politics and the Law of Gambling (24 July 2002)
Don't Tug On Superman's Cape (19 February 2002)
Why Disney Won't Take Bets From Vermont (7 January 2002)
Busted For Betting Online? (12 November 2001)
Nevada Legalizes Internet Gambling - Maybe (16 October 2001)
The Legal Gray Areas of Gambling Debt Enforceability (7 August 2001)
Nevada AG Finds Free Internet Gambling Is Still Gambling (4 June 2001)
Understanding the Law of Internet Gambling (10 May 2001)
Federal v. State Governments (26 March 2001)
Indian Nations and Internet Gambling (6 March 2001)
Casinos As Spies For The Federal Government (9 January 2001)
Do Parents Have a Duty to Keep Their Kids out of Casinos? (12 December 2000)
Status of Gaming Enabling Laws (24 October 2000)
Status of Gaming Enabling Laws (Continued) (24 October 2000)
Making Your Website too Good Can Get You into Trouble (17 October 2000)
Attempted Robbery by Lawsuit (14 July 2000)
America Boldly Outlaws (And Quietly Legalizes) Internet Gambling (21 April 2000)
The Major Internet Gambling Case That Isn't (7 February 2000)
A $5 Million Camel (19 January 2000)
Suicide Is Never Painless, but Who's to Blame? (8 December 1999)
The Law of Internet Gambling (Page 3) (28 October 1999)
The Law of Internet Gambling (Page 1) (28 October 1999)
The Law of Internet Gambling (Page 2) (28 October 1999)
The Law of Internet Gambling (Page 4) (28 October 1999)
Will The Internet Gambling Prohibition Act Actually Prohibit Internet Gambling? (20 October 1999)
The Myth of the Level Playing Field (19 September 1999)
The Ten Most Important Events In Gaming Law (22 June 1999)
Will Congress Kill Horse Racing? (10 June 1999)
100 Percent Legal Gambling On The Internet? (3 May 1999)
But Is It Gambling? (21 April 1999)
Don't Blame the Judges (6 April 1999)
Technology And the Future Of Gambling (30 March 1999)
Why the Law Is Having So Much Trouble with Internet Gambling (1 March 1999)
The Next Prohibition? (7 December 1998)

I. Nelson Rose

Articles by I. Nelson Rose Professor I. Nelson Rose is an internationally known scholar, public speaker and writer and is recognized as one of the world's leading authorities on gambling law. A 1979 graduate of Harvard Law School, he is a tenured full Professor at Whittier Law School in Costa Mesa, California, where he teaches one of the first law school classes on gaming law.

Professor Rose is the author of more than 300 books, articles, book chapters columns. He is best known for his internationally syndicated column, "Gambling and the Law ®," and his landmark 1986 book by the same name. His most recent book is a collection of columns and analysis, co-authored with Bob Loeb, on Blackjack and the Law.

A consultant to governments and industry, Professor Rose has testified as an expert witness in administrative, civil and criminal cases in the U.S., Australia and New Zealand, and has acted as a consultant to major law firms, international corporations, licensed casinos, players, Indian tribes, and local, state and national governments, including Arizona, California, Florida, Illinois, Michigan, New Jersey, Texas and the federal governments of Canada and the United States.

With the rising interest in gambling throughout the world, Professor Rose has spoken before such diverse groups as the F.B.I., National Conference of State Legislatures, Congress of State Lotteries of Europe, United States Conference of Mayors, and the National Academy of Sciences. He has presented scholarly papers on gambling in Nevada, New Jersey, Puerto Rico, England, Australia, Antigua, Portugal, Italy, Argentina and the Czech Republic.

He is the author of Internet Gaming Law (1st & 2nd editions), Blackjack and the Law and Gaming Law: Cases and Materials.

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