Jeanette Kozlowski Article Archive

Jeanette Kozlowski has contributed 35 articles published on the iGaming News site.
Q.& A. | Anthony Seyfort, Attorney, Australia (6 May 2009)
Currently wading through a wave of regulatory reform in Victoria, Anthony Seyfort sees a bright future for gambling in the region.
Legal Primer | ECJ Edition (9 April 2009)
Refresh your knowledge of the 18 gambling-related cases pending at the European Court of Justice.
I.M. Round Table | French Regulatory Proposal (3 April 2009)
Anouk Hattab-Abrahams of the Brussels law firm Ulys and Lorien Pilling, head of research at Global Betting and Gaming Consultants, dissect and debate the new French regulatory proposal in an online chat moderated by IGamingNews' Jeanette Kozlowski.
Q.& A. | Garron Whitesman, Attorney, South Africa (27 March 2009)
Mr. Whitesman, a gaming lawyer in South Africa and owner of Whitesmans Attorneys in Cape Town, discusses how the country's Internet gambling regulatory framework -- many years in the making -- is shaping up.
Q.& A. | Michael Rotert, V.P., EuroISPA (16 March 2009)
Known for being the first to connect Germany to a primitive version of the Internet, Michael Rotert has a vast understanding of how this "series of tubes" works.
Q.& A. | Alberto Eljarrat (27 February 2009)
Foreign partnerships can be a tricky endeavor, but if it's something truly meant to be, Alberto Eljarrat believes two companies that compliment each other certainly can make it happen. Mr. Eljarrat should know, since he has spent the past three years hammering away at a partnership between Cirsa Group, one of Spain's largest gambling companies, and Ladbrokes, the London-listed bookmaker.
I.M. Round Table | Sports Betting in Latin America (Part II) (20 February 2009)
IGamingNews' I.M. round table on sports betting in Latin America continues with Maximiliano De Muro, chief executive and founder of Latin Interactive Gaming Ltd., and Almir Ribeiro, owner of
I.M. Round Table | Sports Betting in Latin America (17 February 2009)
With so much going on in Latin America, it's proving difficult to keep up with one of fastest growing I-gaming markets. In part one of this I.M. round table, Maximiliano De Muro, chief executive and founder of Latin Interactive Gaming Ltd., and Almir Ribeiro, owner of, join IGamingNews to discuss anything and everything about the region.
Beyond the Biz | Mark Blandford (13 February 2009)
Well-known in industry circles as one of gaming’s genuine enthusiasts and innovators, Mark Blandford, founder of European sportsbook Sportingbet and director of Valhalla Investments, knows his stuff, especially when it comes to gaming markets.
Q.& A. | Fredrik Elmqvist, C.E.O., Betjacky (6 February 2009)
Despite having similar qualities to all those other pool betting sites leveraging ever-popular social networking features, Betjacky has a business-to-business strategy that its founders hope will make it stand out in what is becoming a rapidly crowded space.
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