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Lorien Pilling has contributed 35 articles published on the iGaming News site.
A Matter of Perception (9 December 2008)
At the recent Gaming Conference hosted by Collins Stewart in London, it seemed that several of the speakers were keen to classify their companies as anything other than "gambling businesses" -- perhaps reflecting the changing nature of the online gambling sector as it enters uncertain economic times.
New School Freshens Old Pools (8 December 2008)
For the last decade, football-based pool betting has been in steady decline in the United Kingdom. The decline was sparked by the launch of the National Lottery in 1994, which competed with the football pools in the low-stakes, high-prize market. But the last twelve months have seen an increasing number of new online pool betting products springing up. What lies behind the renewed interest in pool betting? Can the Internet revive the sector?
Another Bubble, or Bigger Trouble? (24 October 2008)
The I-gaming industry has been through the shock of a burst economic dot-com bubble and recession between 2000 and 2001, but is the current situation of an altogether different order of magnitude? With the benefit of nearly a decade’s experience, is the sector any better placed to ride out the crisis?
Q.& A. | Brett Dodson (9 October 2008)
Mr. Dodson, a New Zealander and director of Digi-Clik International Ltd., spoke to IGamingNews about a new and innovative product called the PokerMouse his company has developed.
EiG: Emerging Markets and Snarky Lawyers (25 September 2008)
Any delegates who couldn't face the world after overindulging at the opulent conference party on Wednesday night missed out on an informative final day of EiG 2008.
EiG: Legal Issues Still Dominate (24 September 2008)
Lawyers, lawyers everywhere, nor any drop to drink! Legal issues dominated the second day of European i-Gaming Congress and Expo in Barcelona and with news coming from the United States of moves in Kentucky to seize gambling domain names it was no surprise that the morning’s opening session on the latest situation in North America was well attended.
EiG: Hypercompetitive Industry Means 'Move or Die' for Operators, Party C.E.O. Says (23 September 2008)
Looking to catch up on the first day of EiG conference material? Look no further.
International Eggs (16 September 2008)
When William Hill’s Chief Executive Ralph J. Topping announced the company’s interim results in July he stated that he wanted the online division -- both betting and gaming -- to make a greater contribution to the overall business. He also revealed that just 10 percent of the online business came from non-British customers. What role then is there for international markets in boosting William Hill’s online revenues?
Web Two-Point-Hype? (18 August 2008)
It is tempting to dismiss Web 2.0 as a fad dreamt up by an e-commerce community that has got some of its swagger back after a few contemplative years since the dot-com bubble burst. But the term has certainly found a receptive audience in the online gambling sector and a growing number of projects are being launched under its guise.
Bookies, Bettors Bonkers over Beijing (22 July 2008)
With nationalistic fervor rising ahead of the Beijing Games, IGamingNews' Lorien Pilling juxtaposes China's repeated online gambling crackdowns -- on display most recently as "Thunderbolt 08" -- with a culture that, during the 29th Olympiad, is sure to hunger for a punt.
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