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Meredith Cooper has contributed 10 articles published on the iGaming News site.
Starnet Faces Jurisdictional Obstacle (19 August 1999)
Starnet Communications has filed a defamation lawsuit against Las Vegas Casino, Inc., but the likelihood of stopping the company from publishing what Starnet considers to be false statements on the Web is slim.
Responsible Jewelry (13 August 1999)
Participating in the ongoing battle against problem gambling is a necessary task for all gaming-related businesses, and new ways of fighting the beast are constantly on the burner. The latest swipe comes from a couple of Canadian companies and it comes in the form of a bracelet that's meant to keep its wearers away from electronic slot machines and VLTs.
Opportunities in Dominica (10 August 1999)
The Commonwealth of Dominica markets itself as an offshore haven with flexible legislation and tax-free income, hoping to bring international investors. Operating an Internet gaming site is among the opportunities Dominica offers, and to make things easier for prospective licensees, the Ministry of Finance has launched a new informative website.
Ladies and Gentlemen… The Doors (8 August 1999)
If "content is king," online gambling portals are wearing the crown. Offering free e-mail, chats, gambling news, links to online gaming sites and more, these portals are opening a whole new door to the world of Internet gambling.
eWatch Has Got Your Back (5 July 1999)
Part of operating a successful business is adjusting and reacting tactfully when someone tries to knock you off your horse, and your presence on the Internet makes you an easy target for adversaries who are lining up to take potshots at you. Defamation is rampant on the Web, and damage control is vital, so it would do you a world of good to find someone to cover your back. The solution could be eWatch, a service that combs the Internet for negative material posted about your company.
An Ad Outlet (20 June 1999)
An Ohio-based company called has introduced a business-to-business service that enables Web publishers to fill unsold ad space and offers media buyers discounts on advertising of up to 80 percent.
Intertops Cashes in on the Bizarre (20 June 1999)
Intertops, one of the Web's longest running sports betting services, has made a name for itself, in part, by delivering ample opportunities to make unusual wagers. Its latest exotic offering, for instance, is a bet on whether Michael Jordan will rejoin the NBA.
E-business Highlighted at San Jose Conference (17 June 1999)
More than 50 e-business practitioners congregated in San Jose June 8-10 to discuss how companies can increase productivity, enhance customer service, reduce supplier costs and empower employees at the eBusiness Conference and Expo.
TRW Delivers E-Commerce Designed for Large-scale, High-Volume Transactions (11 June 1999)
TRW Inc., a provider of high-technology products and services to automotive, aerospace, defense and information technology markets worldwide, has formed a new consulting and systems integration practice devoted to building large-scale, mission-critical e-commerce systems for customers worldwide. The new practice, which will be based in Reston, Va., will provide a comprehensive set of services for building and enhancing e-commerce systems for businesses that depend on large-scale, high-volume Internet transactions.
A Viable Alternative to Spamming (9 June 1999)
It's now easier than ever to create and subscribe to electronic mailing lists. Through Topica (, an innovative service launched earlier this year, users can subscribe to one or more of thousands of topic-specific lists--lists which serve as valuable new venues for advertisers.