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Casinos call IRS tax reporting proposal 'complicated, onerous and unproductive' (18 June 2015)
Gaming industry representatives say the proposal to lower the WG-2 threshold on winnings from $1,200 to $600 would do little to generate tax revenue and much to generate extra paperwork.
Casinos, allies blitz IRS on proposed reporting rule (3 June 2015)
Seventeen congressmen representing legalized gambling states made a pitch in a letter to the IRS earlier this week to keep the current threshold for reporting gambling winnings at $1,200.
Murren: Sky won't fall on MGM if online gambling banned (30 April 2015)
The sky won’t fall on MGM Resorts International if a ban on legalized gambling over the Internet is reinstated, company CEO Jim Murren said Wednesday.
Bill to outlaw online gaming resurfaces in Congress (5 February 2015)
A Utah congressman on Wednesday reintroduced a bill that would reimpose a federal ban on wagering over the Internet, reigniting a debate that has split the gaming industry and sparked a broader discussion over the spread of gambling.
McCain calls for hearings on expanded sports betting (2 February 2015)
McCain, R-Ariz., said he favors allowing states that sponsor legalized gambling to accept sports bets as well, and would extend the invitation to Indian tribes that operate casinos. He said he does not favor gambling over the Internet.
Gaming industry wants AG nominee questioned on illegal betting (28 January 2015)
The chief lobbyist for the casino industry is urging the Senate to explore Loretta Lynch's views on illegal gambling before it votes on her nomination to become attorney general.
Draft of Web poker bill circulating on Capitol Hill (4 June 2014)
A draft bill that would legalize poker playing on the Internet is being floated on Capitol Hill, but Nevada Sen. Dean Heller said Tuesday there is no sign that it will move in any direction.
Gaming industry's rift on Internet gambling seen at hearing (11 December 2013)
The chief executive of the American Gaming Association told lawmakers that online gambling is here to stay, but sitting beside him was a senior vice president of the Las Vegas Sands, whose billionaire chairman, Sheldon Adelson, is committing millions of dollars in a lobbying bid to nip the expansion of online gambling in Washington and in states where it is being considered.
After 18 years as gaming's face in D.C., Fahrenkopf steps aside (8 July 2013)
Frank Fahrenkopf, who turns 74 next month, is downshifting after nearly two decades as the face of casino gambling in Washington and one of the most prominent Nevadans in the nation’s capital.
Adelson discussed online poker stance with Sen. Kyl (9 December 2011)
Las Vegas Sands Chairman Sheldon Adelson met with Sen. Jon Kyl this week to discuss his opposition to online gaming.
Nevada regulator says online can be policed (21 November 2011)
Gaming industry renews push for legal online poker (11 May 2011)