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Murren: Sky won't fall on MGM if online gambling banned (30 April 2015)
The sky won’t fall on MGM Resorts International if a ban on legalized gambling over the Internet is reinstated, company CEO Jim Murren said Wednesday.
Bill to outlaw online gaming resurfaces in Congress (5 February 2015)
A Utah congressman on Wednesday reintroduced a bill that would reimpose a federal ban on wagering over the Internet, reigniting a debate that has split the gaming industry and sparked a broader discussion over the spread of gambling.
Draft of Web poker bill circulating on Capitol Hill (4 June 2014)
A draft bill that would legalize poker playing on the Internet is being floated on Capitol Hill, but Nevada Sen. Dean Heller said Tuesday there is no sign that it will move in any direction.
Reid sounds pessimistic note on poker bill (12 December 2012)
The Nevada Democrat said that even with support, there might not be a path available for the legislation that would legalize Internet poker and initiate federal licensing for companies that want to run the games.
Reid: Payroll tax bill doesn't include online poker (17 February 2012)
Sen. Harry Reid said online poker was not included in major payroll tax legislation unveiled Thursday.
Nevada regulator says online can be policed (21 November 2011)
Gaming Control Board Chairman Mark Lipparelli said Internet gambling can be policed with software that ferrets out cheaters and systems that identify underage and addicted players.
Gaming industry renews push for legal online poker (11 May 2011)
Top gaming industry executives launched a lobbying push Tuesday to persuade Congress to legalize Internet poker.
Nevada governor supports federal online poker legislation (12 April 2011)
Gov. Brian Sandoval said he supported Congress approving online poker legislation rather than having the issue decided on a state-by-state basis.
Prospects for Reid online poker bill get weaker (10 December 2010)
Supporters of Sen. Harry Reid's online poker legislation were increasingly pessimistic Thursday about the prospects for passing the bill.
Lawmakers hear another bid for legal online gaming (22 July 2010)
Poker pro Annie Duke testified in front of a House Financial Services Committee hearing on legalizing online gambling Wednesday.
Promise of big money fails to lure support for online gaming (20 May 2010)