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Online gambling is fully enabled and regulated by a new code in the Czech Republic as of January 2017. The operator from abroad has to be registered in the Czech Republic and to pay taxes there, while the website of illegal operators is blocked. All regulated forms of gambling can be offered online except for tombola and small card tournaments. Internet gaming shall be deemed operated on the territory of the Czech Republic if is even only partially focusing on individuals resident in the Czech Republic.

Online sportsbooks are legal, and licenses have been granted to the top five betting shop operators: SAZKA, Fortuna, Chance, Synop Tip and TipSport. To reduce underage betting, players must first register at a land-based shop before they are granted online access. Under the Lottery Act, operators pay administrative fees, state supervision fees and 30% income tax, and part of their proceeds are used for good causes. The servers must be located in the Czech Republic with betting software subject to certification and allow state access to the system.

SAZKA Sportsbook is state-run and operates the largest lottery company in the Czech Republic. SAZKA offers lotteries, scratch cards, sports betting and games.

Other forms of online gaming are currently illegal, but a large number of unregulated operators offer online gaming to Czech citizens.

In March 2013, a bill that would have liberalized the Czech market somewhat, but required foreign operators to have a presence in the Czech Republic to operate an online gaming operation, was found not consistent with EU free trade principles.

In January 2015, the Ministry of Finance announced plans to impose a point of consumption tax on unregulated, international online gaming operators. That law was passed in July 2015, imposing a tax rate of up to 35% on offshore operators.

In December 2016, the Czech Gaming Act was passed. It requires online and land-based operators to obtain a license in order to offer their services.

On 1 January 2017, the Czech Republic imposed a new gambling regulatory structure, resulting in most internationally licensed online operators exiting the market due to new tax rates (23% on sports betting, up to 35% for slots).

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