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In December 2018, Slovenia’s parliament passed a new gambling act prepared by the Ministry of Finance, which will open the market to foreign operators, including operators with a registered office outside of Slovenia. The new act is expected to go into effect March 2019.

As per the bill, a new gambling regulator, the Office for Regulation of Gambling, will also come into effect.

In February 2010, the Slovenian parliament voted for an amendment to the existing gaming law censoring the internet in Slovenia in regard to online gaming. The amendment requires ISPs to block foreign gambling websites. It also bans the advertising of foreign gambling sites in Slovenian cyberspace.

In late 2013, Slovenia notified the European Union it intended to tackle online gaming legislation in 2014 that could liberalize the market and bring it into compliance with EU law. No such legislation has been passed as of yet.

In August 2016, the Finance Ministry proposed legislation that would remove the cap on the number online gambling licenses available.

In September 2017, the Slovenian government decided not to amend the Slovenian Gambling Act, failing to reach an agreement on the proposed amendments. According to the draft law, the Slovenian gambling market for “special” gambling in casinos and online would have been open to private and foreign investors; however, this has now been postponed.

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