Online Gaming in Ukraine

The only form of online gaming permitted in Ukraine is the national lottery. The Ukrainian National Lottery (UNL) is part of the European State Lottery and Toto Association and is licensed by the Ukrainian Ministry of Finance to offer its products online.

When Ukraine imposed the Law on Prohibition of Gambling Business in 2009, land-based operators – who were losing their main business – found a loophole in the legislation, leading them to set up internet clubs at local internet cafés. The servers for these sites were set up outside Ukraine, which posed no legal problem since Ukrainians are not prohibited from gambling at online casinos located outside the country. The loophole allowed Ukrainian online casinos to operate until an amendment passed in May 2011 closed it. Local operators are no longer allowed to host gambling sites offshore and can be prosecuted for doing so.

In 2012, Ukraine's parliament allowed the state to set up a lottery system as a monopoly.

In December 2015, the Ministry of Finance put forth legislation to regulate online gambling.

In August 2018, poker was added to Ukraine's list of "Register of Recognized Sports" as a part of the Ministry of Youth and Sport, meaning anti-gambling legislation can no longer apply to the game, which led to speculation that the government was gearing up for the introduction of a new poker-focused regulatory framework. Poker was previously treated as a sport until 2010 when it was taken off the list by the Justice Minister, meaning it was considered gambling under the "On Prohibition of Gambling Business in Ukraine Act" of 2009, like blackjack or slot games.

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