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Chinese Version Of Cyberbetz to Debut
18 December 1998
GIC Global Intertainment Corporation (OTC BB: GGNC) will take its marketing campaign in Asia to the next level when the Chinese version of its Cyberbetz online sportsbook and casino has its grand opening on December 18.»
ISWI Announces Licensing Home Wagering in Nevada
18 December 1998
International Sports Wagering (Nasdaq: ISWI) has signed a seven-year license agreement with Alliance Gaming Corp. (Nasdaq: ALLY) for Alliance's Remote Access Verification Environment (RAVETM) technology.»
You Bet To Charge for Usage
17 December 1998
The free ride for subscribers to the You Bet network, which offers online interactive wagering and past performance information, will end February 1.»
MSN CyberCasino?
17 December 1998
If press reports in the Australian newspaper December 16,1998 are anything to go by, perhaps Bill Gates may be indirectly getting into the cyber casino business.»
Green Light for Canbet
15 December 1998
Canbet Sports Book has received approval from the Australian Capital Territory Government to operate an Internet sportsbook.»
Bet with the Champ
14 December 1998
Starnet Communications International Inc. (OTC BB:SNMM) has entered into an online gaming promotional agreement with Larry Holmes, former heavyweight boxing Champion of The World and WBC crown holder.»
Copyright Law Mechanics
13 December 1998
Here's a quick true or false question for you over your morning coffee. If you forget to put a copyright notice with the "c" in the circle or the word "copyright" on your written work, do you lose all of your copyright protection?»
Internet Jurisdiction
13 December 1998
Having a worldwide presence for a business is a dream shared by many businesses. Not too long ago, only large businesses like Coca-Cola, IBM and other behemoths could dream the dream of a worldwide presence. Now, the Internet is the great equalizer. With a website, every business can speak to the world.»
Jog, Bike, Bet
11 December 1998
According to a story printed in Casino Journal's National Gaming Summary, money is no longer the only thing you have to lose while playing the slots. Now as you burn all that annoying excess cash in your pockets, you can burn a few calories as well.»
$75 Million to ODS for Launch
11 December 1998
United Video Satellite Group (USVG) of Tulsa, Oklahoma, corporate parent of ODS Technologies and the Television Games Network, announced December 10 that it has approved $40 million in immediate additional funding to launch the horse racing network in 1999.»
Casino Journal Has Seen the Light
10 December 1998
The publishers of Casino Journal, a leading gaming industry trade publication, have never been shy about voicing their disapproval of Internet Gambling. Recently, however, that opinion has taken an about-face.»
Starnet to Feature Live Racing from Phoenix Greyhound Park
10 December 1998
Starnet Communications International Inc. (OTC BB:SNMM) has entered into a Simulcast Agreement with American Greyhound Racing Inc. to provide live dog racing coverage from Phoenix Greyhound Park via the Internet.»
AIE to Introduce Wireless Hand-Held Computer
10 December 1998
Atlantic Internet, a subsidiary of Atlantic International Entertainment, Ltd. (NASDAQ-OTC BB: AIEE), has expanded its agreement with Accord Technologies (JSE-ACR) to distribute Accord’s wireless hand-held computer to Internet companies in North America.»
Cohen PiggyBacks on Truesdale Case
8 December 1998
The attorneys of Jay Cohen, one of the defendants in the March sportsbetting busts, have made hay from the recent Fifth Circuit ruling in Texas which claims that the gambling is taking place where the operators are. Attached is a letter to the federal district judge in Jay Cohen's case relaying this latest ruling from another district. Although the Texas case was not predicated on the Interstate Wire Act, attorney Melissa Beck says that there are some pertinent parallels which bear bringing to the attention to the judge in Cohen's case. »
Starnet Launches Japanese Cyber Casino
8 December 1998
Starnet Communications International Inc. (OTC BB: SNMM) solidified its presence in the Asian market on December 8 when its wholly owned subsidiary, World Gaming Services Inc., launched a Japanese Internet gaming website.»
The Next Prohibition?
7 December 1998
The fear that gambling is about to explode across the Internet has fractured American law enforcement in unprecedented ways.

This summer the state Attorneys General adopted a Resolution asking Congress to create a new federal crime: They want it to be a misdemeanor to make a bet on the Internet. This would force the federal Department of Justice to go after gamblers who make wagers on their home personal computers.
US Study Commission Explores Internet Gambling
5 December 1998
Those who have been following the progress of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission in the US will be interested to hear that the subcommittee addressing internet gambling is definitely gearing up. On Dec. 2, '98, they held hearings in Washington DC and IGN will run some of the testimony presented.»
Art Rosenberg's Testimony Before the NGISC
5 December 1998
Those who have been following the progress of the National Gambling Impact Study Commission in the US will be interested to hear that the subcommittee addressing internet gambling is definitely gearing up. On Dec. 2, '98, they held hearings in Washington DC, and IGN will run some of the testimony to be presented there.»
Net Gambling Mulled in D.C.
4 December 1998
The National Gambling Impact Study Commission took advantage of a convention of Internet gaming interests in Washington this week, as commissioner Bill Bible—chairman of the commission's Regulation, Enforcement and Internet subcommittee—called a hearing to listen to pros and cons.»
Inland Receives Innovator of the Year Award
4 December 1998
Known for leading the Indian gaming industry as an award winning consultant, Inland Entertainment Corporation (NASDAQ:INLD) is quickly making a name for itself in the rapidly growing Internet casino industry.»
Council on Compulsive Gambling Offers Strategies
3 December 1998
Kevin O'Neill, Deputy Director of the New Jersey Council on Compulsive Gambling, has been working hard to adapt the proven strategies used for working with compulsive gamblers to those who may have problems with the internet.»
Horse Betting Coming to Global Games Licensee
3 December 1998
Island Sports Book, a licensee of Global Games, has announced that it will start promoting a new program that brings the excitement of live horse racing to its internet site.»
AIEE Teams Enters into Agreement with Carib Design
3 December 1998
Atlantic International Entertainment Ltd. (OTC:BB:AIEE) has entered in to a license agreement for its webSports(TM) Internet wagering system with Carib Design, an Antigua based sports wagering company.»
Californian Cyber Casino Online, Si? Verdad?
30 November 1998
Spam and Mr. Nambling mix like oil and water. So when online casinos launch marketing email in his direction, he gladly pulls out the old shovel and sees what he can uncover. Read on to find out who he's on to now.»
Legal Discovery Should Focus on Electronic Evidence
26 November 1998
In 1998 America, businesses have computerized almost all of their important business records. The larger the business, the more this is a truism. Experts estimate that up to 30% of the data on computers is never printed. Yet, many lawyers continue to live in an earlier era when it comes to their discovery requests in litigation. They continue to request paper printouts and documents when their focus should be the underlying computer files. Here's how to get to the heart of the electronic evidence.»