Internet Vikings expands services into Kentucky and North Carolina

27 July 2023
(PRESS RELEASE) -- Internet Vikings, a provider of first-to-market licensed in-state hosting for the sports betting and iGaming sector, continues its strategic expansion in response to the rapidly growing demand in the American market. With recent launches in Kentucky and North Carolina, the company reaffirms its commitment to meeting the evolving needs of the industry.
As they embrace online sports betting among 34 other states, Kentucky and North Carolina represent a significant growth potential for the Internet Viking's service portfolio. With their economic prospects and growing interest in sports wagering, both states offer promising opportunities for many operators and platform providers.
"We recognized the tremendous potential in these states early on,” said Rickard Vikström, Founder and CEO of Internet Vikings, about the importance of extending their offerings to Kentucky and North Carolina. “Moreover, our expansion here is a testament to our dedication to ensuring there is all the necessary infrastructure in place needed for the operators to establish their services once they decide to enter the newly launched markets.
Even though both Kentucky and North Carolina are the industry newcomers, having legalized sports betting only recently, they have been gaining some traction. Kentucky, who has recently passed the bill legalizing sports betting, is expected to launch online in September 2023. While North Carolina made sports betting legal last month. However, the two markets are already attracting significant attention from the largest industry representatives.
Internet Vikings has already secured partnership with some of the most renowned industry names in both states just a few days after the law has been passed. "We're determined to contribute to the development of the online sports betting ecosystem in the U.S. and assist our clients in achieving seamless growth.”
Internet Vikings' COO, Kristoffer Ottosson, emphasized the company's commitment to facilitating seamless operations for its clients in this newly emerged market.
"Our presence in every destination of interest to the online sports betting industry is of great importance to us, ensuring our clients' uninterrupted growth," said Ottosson. “As Internet Vikings continues to expand its services into new markets, its innovative hosting has garnered considerable interest among industry stakeholders. "Since commencing operations in Kentucky and North Carolina, we have witnessed tremendous interest from businesses looking for reliable hosting," said Vikström. "We are committed to empowering our clients with cutting-edge technology and exceptional support to thrive in these burgeoning markets."
While the company remains focused on serving its clients in Kentucky and North Carolina, Internet Vikings has a forward-looking approach, exploring new opportunities for expansion.
"As we grow, we will continue to keep an eye on new emerging markets to further strengthen our presence in the U.S. and support the industry's rapid evolution,” said Vikström.