Puerto Rico takes a big step in the sports betting world

5 April 2023
The Puerto Rico Gaming Commission approved nine sports wagering licenses last week.

The Puerto Rico Gaming Commission approved nine sports wagering licenses last week.

Puerto took nine steps forward in catching up with the mainland states in the U.S. in the world of legalized sports betting last week. The Puerto Rico Gaming Commission approved sports wagering licenses for nine entities, some of which are new, while others are currently in the game.
Currently sports betting is limited to land-based casinos; however, legalized online sports wagering is in the works, but not yet permitted.
Newcomer International Betting Integrity Association received its license. The anti-corruption monitoring service provider can notify operators if it detects any suspicious activity after pouring over consumer data.
Companies ASF LTD and Sports Content Co. also received their respective licenses. Both companies collect data and statistical information from gaming leagues for licensed betting markets.
Condado Hotel Services Group Inc. & Condado Duo La Concha Casino, which does business as Casino del Mar, and CHPR Hospitality, which does business as Casino Metro, were two of the three companies that had their licenses renewed, which is required on a yearly basis in Puerto Rico.
BetMGM, which offers its services to Casino del Mar, is the third company that had its license renewed by the Commission. BetMGM, which had a license for in-person sports betting, also received a second license as an internet gambling platform provider, which will allow BetMGM to making its online gambling application available to the public.
The Commission granted three-year licenses to the last three companies, Global Tote US LLC, Kambli Malta Limited 3, and United Tote Co. 3.
“Puerto Rico will quickly catch up with the states that have legalized sports betting,” said Commission Executive Director Jaime Rivera- Emmanuelli to News Is My Business. “The island has the appeal of drawing a broad and culturally diverse audience, while having the security, controls and regulations that the United States requires of its jurisdictions.”

Jarrod LeBlanc

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